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    *crash with Nitao*

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    Let's continue...

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    I'm here, sorry for been late

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    Too tired sorry @-@))

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    Name: Jinx Age: 16 Personality: Confident,Brave,Freindly,energetic,Good Likes: Coffee,Color of Blue,Robots,drawing Dislikes: Tea,Assignments,Bullies

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    Be sure of your informations, when the list is done this chat will be close (private) Be sure of you informations and then this is starting. ((This is the computer rules, okay? And you @hikage_secau PLZ CHANGE NITAO!!!! Ok no)) I'll be waiting them tomorrow, plz be ready. ((Computer is "please" not "plz" right?

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    Make short information plz, @jos23 @hikage_secau @ㅅjgㅅ @lunathedemon

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    Thanks by join, goodbye, please talk in another chat, thanks by following rules 😊

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    I'll be here like 2:00 pm or more later, plz talk in another chat if the leader is not here

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