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  1. Posted by razi_is_my_father ,

    @michigan sorry!!!!))

  2. Posted by michigan ,

    This is my RP don't cuss at me I will give your role away!|@razi_daddy

  3. Posted by darion ,

    Sam had drove till he couldn't anymore, pulling into the nearest gas station. He had drunk all his energy drinks, and went inside to get more. He came back out with coffee and energy drinks, with a few more things to keep him awake.

  4. Posted by coeur ,

    I’m still here))

  5. Posted by darion ,

    @razi_daddy its cool XD))

  6. Posted by razi_is_my_father ,

    @darion I'm sorry!! Had no idea!!))

  7. Posted by darion ,

    @razi_daddy yo, I just finished finals yesterday. Give me a bit man))

  8. Posted by razi_is_my_father ,

    @michigan @coeur @grimreaper @darion @darion y'all get your sh*t together ))

  9. Posted by razi_is_my_father ,

    @coeur was looking forward to this, too.))

  10. Posted by coeur ,

    @razi_daddy yup))

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