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    Autumn soon fell asleep along with her boyfriend. They had both been pretty tired apparently but they looked adorable on the couch together. People had always loved their relationship, even their fans they were pretty much perfect for each other. @razi_daddy

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    @coeur Cossie soon fell asleep to the tracing on his thigh, his silent, yet quick breathing escaping every few seconds. His deep grey eyes were closed from view, and his grip on her hand tightened instinctively.

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    Autumn laid down and placed her head on his lap, making sure that all of her hair was loose. She traced her finger along Cossie’s leg, gently as she stayed awake. After a bit she stopped and just took his hand in hers, holding it as she started drifting off.

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    @coeur Cossie hummed softly, reluctantly pulling away from Autumn and picking up his guitar and bag. He headed to the row of shelves he had installed, along with a closer so the items don't fall out. He put the guitar in, then his knapsack, sighing. He was back to Autumn quickly, opening his arms once more. @darion Cossie looked to the energy drink once settled, wrinkling his nose in almost disgust at the scent. He himself smelled like freshly brewed coffee from his house.

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    @razi_daddy @darion ^

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    “Maybe you gave him the wrong time.” Autumn said to Darion. “Whatever, maybe we can contact someone later on.” She added and yawned, “Cossie why don’t you just go put your guitar and stuff away for now?” She asked

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    @coeur He hummed a bit before snaking an arm around Autumn's waist instead, pulling her closer. "Get some sleep, hun." @darion He shook his head at the mention of him sleeping. "I sleep whenever I haven't in a few days. I'm out of pills so sleep will be difficult." He sighed and made sure his guitar wouldn't fall or break, then checking to see if she were comfy.

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    @razi_daddy "Don't worry I am." He said, looking at him then back at the road. Then he got a energy drink and opened it. He then glanced at Autumn, smiling. "Now there's a idea. Except I did and he never showed up. So I'm driving. Don't worry, you two go get some rest. Their are beds in the back. @coeur

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    @razi_daddy He looked up at him. "Trust me, I will." He said, then looking at road and got another energy drink. Then glanced at Autumn and smiled before going back to the road. "I did. He never showed, and the others were ready to go." He said, still driving. "Don't worry, I'll be fine. You two go get some rest." @coeur

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