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  1. Posted by ravenor ,

    @presumably_dead they are just weird}

  2. Posted by Dimitri_King ,


  3. Posted by 忘れられた兵士 ,

    Oh fuck this dead chat

  4. Posted by alex_baka_nagake ,


  5. Posted by Dimitri_King ,


  6. Posted by theruntiesram ,

    @alther_beleris chu got a problem mateo?))

  7. Posted by theruntiesram ,

    @alther_beleris yes, yes we do. "THE SIN'DORAI SHALL PREVAIL"))

  8. Posted by blackbutlerfreak ,

    @alther_beleris I stick mine out at you “ehh!!”

  9. Posted by ravenor ,

    @ana_thewarrior he sticks out his tongue

  10. Posted by richard_grayson .,

    *yawns a bit tiredly* hm....i need some rum..or coffee

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