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  1. Posted by ticcixtobyxrogers ,

    Someone rp with me

  2. Posted by neko_god猫神 ,

  3. Posted by rin_last ,

    @kahadi Hey

  4. Posted by kahadi ,

    @cryptix__ doesn't have to stay that way))

  5. Posted by Cryptix__ ,

    @kahadi It is pretty dead.))

  6. Posted by kahadi ,

    @subject_delta_d_23 @cryptix__ @rin_last @브로큰 @yvettestevanti @neonnights @selene_thekitsunepriestess we going to consider this dead? Or try reviving it?))

  7. Posted by subject_delta_D_23 ,

    (I guess...)

  8. Posted by kahadi ,

    @subject_delta_d_23 well nobody has said anything in a few days, so... I don't think anyone can get mad at you))

  9. Posted by subject_delta_D_23 ,

    (Sorry for being offline for so long. Goddamn slow internet...)

  10. Posted by Cryptix__ ,

    I diagnose with dead.))

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