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    Kik users only! @ isha_littlefurrball Named Sylvia she 15, 4’6 And 72pounds. ( Looks like my profile pic on kik ) You find her tied to a pole , passed out, and she’s covered in her own blood and has been recently been beaten and abused as you can tell. Her wrists are tied tightly together and so are her thighs making it impossible for her to move even if she was awake. You can see she’s been going threw this for awhile by the scars and bruises that cover her very skinny and fragile body.

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    @sage_salvatore hello)

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    Hello! I’m gonna go to every group and post this! I want to create a good Vampire Diaries Roleplay. Please text me and I’ll make sure to add you and keep you updated on the status of this roleplay!

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    Good wbu

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    How are you?

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    @elenagilbert hi

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    @batgirl ok

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