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  1. Posted by hiko_19 ,

    @shirakima *blushes "thanks"

  2. Posted by hiko_19 ,

    @kenzo_ she wants me

  3. Posted by derdle ,

    *scratches head in confusion*

  4. Posted by shirakima ,

    @hiko_19 *sighs and walks in front of you taking the blade out tripping you making you sit taking out bandages wrapping the wound*

  5. Posted by hiko_19 ,

    @shirakima *the wound bleeds as I have the blade in me, and proceeds to walk away*

  6. Posted by shirakima ,

    @hiko_19 "are you just bored or something"/*watches you as you stab yourself then the tree appearing next to you looking at the wound* "hmm"

  7. Posted by hiko_19 ,

    @shirakima *smirks "im not afraid to lose, I just want a full out battle, not a spar" pulls out his blade and impaled himself, not showing in form of pain or discomfort as he pulls out a kodachi, and slices a tree in half with ease, the other blade still impaled, causing him discomfort, but he just ignores it's and moves his body just the same.*

  8. Posted by shirakima ,

    @hiko_19 "you never know it could have gone either way if I didn't say I think you are stronger" *laughs a little*

  9. Posted by derdle ,

    @hiko_19 "ew, what the heck" *slaps your hand away*

  10. Posted by hiko_19 ,

    @shirakima I see, well, and want on fighting you is gone. Maybe you could of won, but I doubt it.

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