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    @atoka he nodded "im not like other children....i grew up in a poor house and i would never play with the other kids i was the weird one always wandering off until my father dragged me back and starved me along with these he showed his forearm showing cutmarks

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    @slen *I look at the dagger* hm you know you are very mature for your age

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    @atoka he quieted down as he thought to himself before nodding as he fixed his hair before pulling out a dagger made out of ice with dried blood on the end as he set it on the table

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    @slen *I look down at you then sighs* I am so sorry heh if you want you can live here with me *I pat your head and smile*

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    @atoka his expression slowly changed before he walked "yeah.....they hurt me...." He closed the door behind him before he followed her "i wasnt afraid of them but soon....they became afraid of me" he looked up at her eith a soft smile before if flattened into a straight line across his face

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    @slen did you do that to your parents? *I walk inside*

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    @atoka he nodded as hopped off her back "anything else like family" he walked to the door

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    @slen well my name is atoka I normally don't talk to people and um I don't know *I land at my house*

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    @atoka he held on "well im 11 i usually dont stay home and i found a group where i can earn money to help since my parents wont help me what about you" he looked down and then back up to her

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