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  1. Posted by sativa ,

    @rogue_ranger163 nope all styles are welcomed

  2. Posted by Rogue_ranger163 ,

    Is it at least semi lit

  3. Posted by starbornthethief ,

    I didn't get the notification that I was tagged.

  4. Posted by Kimora ,

    @zamorak okay.

  5. Posted by sativa ,

    @sanji_ ill tag you

  6. Posted by Kimora ,

    @zamorak alright. I'm interested

  7. Posted by sativa ,

    @sanji_ there are very few rules. No spamming and listen to admins/owner is basically the enforced ones

  8. Posted by starbornthethief ,


  9. Posted by Kimora ,

    What's up with the rules in the resort?

  10. Posted by sativa ,

    @starbornthethief @vulpes_the_neko_spirit i tagged both of you

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