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  1. Posted by exalphos ,

    Hello! What songs are some of your favorites?

  2. Posted by andrew452 ,

    I listen to it every day

  3. Posted by andrew452 ,


  4. Posted by andrew452 ,

    Omg, I've been waiting for a chat like this forever

  5. Posted by exalphos ,

    The Dendemille theme is really happy sounding. I also love the Camphrier town theme it's so calming. And Lysandre's battle theme I like from that game too.

  6. Posted by idk_like_fizz ,

    Dendemille town in x and y has such a happy theme it makes me real happy :D

  7. Posted by exalphos ,

    I absolutely love the Snowbelle city theme in X and Y. I really like a lot of the music in X and Y actually.

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