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  1. Posted by kellybraun_11 ,

    Hey nani nani ho ho ho@spicy_templar

  2. Posted by usimekmk1 ,

    @kellybraun_11 Nani?

  3. Posted by kellybraun_11 ,

    May I beg for a roleplay partner?

  4. Posted by usimekmk1 ,

    @moros_leonhardt Remaku? //

  5. Posted by usimekmk1 ,

    @adorably_dangerous Hmm you know what // <Fear's hand would Fully recover... He was still wondering what would happen to the Mortal world now that Moros is Gone> "Mortals... The creation of the Gods, All soon to be doomed" <He sighed looking down, Sipping on his wine>

  6. Posted by usimekmk1 ,

    @moros_leonhardt You dead or something?

  7. Posted by crystal_stone ,

    @usimekmk1 ((Hmm?...))

  8. Posted by usimekmk1 ,

    @adorably_dangerous @serenityfox Well we must wait for @moros_leonhardt //

  9. Posted by adorably_dangerous ,


  10. Posted by serenity_fox ,

    @usimekmk1 true))

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