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    Jesus i got worried i was letting people down from the sudden Business and nobody but me and yukio posted a starter)

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    @lysergide alright))

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    Ill be slow now gotta start work)

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    Isabella was looking around for starlight she moved around her cage and saw it open "you little....." she sighed as she opened the door making her way to the grand coven headquarters as she saw starlight already heading there , she opened the door as starlight landed on her shoulder as she walked around the lobby making her way to the elevator . She opened the elevator getting in as she pressed the button , as she waited hearing the annoying waiting music "damn elevator......." starlight had a smile on her face as she heard a ding and flew out "STARLIGHT WAIT!!" She screamed as she tried catching up with her as she looked around the room seeing painting an artifacts "whoa ......" she looked around walking slower as she made her way to the door opening it. She found a male figure sitting there in a empty room as she saw starlight land on the table "so I'm the second one here ...wow...."she sighed feeling as if she was late and took a seat across the table from the male as starlight walked to her . She then noticed starlight dropped her snake bracelet "you better not kill it " she talked to starlight like some idiotic person. @lysergide

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    Sorry that its big thats how i usually roleplay 😂)

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    Its late at night joseph finds himself inside the large building that acts as both home and headquarters for the grand coven. Tapping his foot as he waits for the elevator to reach the top. After what seems like an eternity the sound of a 'DING' echoes signaling the elevator had reached the top. Stepping out into the long hallway he began to stroll down on his way to the meeting room. Priceless art and antiques adorn the wall which causes him to slow his walking so he could admire them. Some things he couldn't give two shakes of a rats ass about. But others seemed to bring out the child inside of him. Thors hammer, The staff of Osiris and many such artifacts which witches before him had recovered for the coven had made him gitty. Once he had reached the meeting room hes surprised to find it empty. "Am i really the first one here? Oh how i love to be fashionably late." Noticing an envelope on the table he opens it and reads its contents out loud. "Dear coven. I apologize ahead of time for not being able to make it to the meeting due to a family crises. I would have loved to inform you with my words and not my writing but this will have to suffice. Yesterday some scholars had discovered an old tomb which houses the long lost necronomicon." He froze at the words written on the letter eyes lighting up at the excitement that is bottled up inside him. He continues to read. "I know it is a group decision but i urge you all to go and aquire said book and keep it safe in our possession. I know you guys will make the right choice without me. Good luck. The grandmaster." He set down the letter that was addressed to the coven and slowly sat down. He did his best to contain his excitement as he waited for the others to join him.. @yukio123 @roselle_rose @rabbidkitty928 @nyxxx

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    @lysergide alright))

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    I have 45 mins before i start work so ill post a starter)

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    Im so sorry guys things keep coming up. Feel free to start without me. Id understand if you didnt wanna do it anymore)

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    Hello?@lysergide ))

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