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    I was freaken out because iv been inactive but it turns out i sent the last reply lol)

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    Joseph nodded rubbing his chin for a while he was a bit shaky from what he was suggesting. This book was powerful powerful enough to mend worlds. But at a terrible price though he didn't know what that price was. Nobody has used the book in millennia. He knew he was right. They couldn't allow the Necronomicon to get into the wrong hands but time traveling is dangerous. He began to think to himself some more before speaking outloud. "We know that the less time we spend in that time the less damage we do. Perhaps either we spend only seconds in that time or we find something powerful enough to bring the book to us?" @the_muse @thescarlett_ripper @hipster_jinx @averageunkown_79

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    Good morning all. I will post a response in a moment)

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    @sexbangツ @the_muse @the_scarlett_ripper @hipster_jinx @averageunknown_79 Goooooooooooooood morning!!]

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    Eona was very weary about the subject if time travel. She remembered what happened when her parents tried to medle with time; it still was very fresh in her mind. "If we are going to be traveling in time, we absolutely cannot be seen. By anyone. I have invisibility crystals at home, but they need to be recharged. I would need about half an hour to do it." Her crystals buzzed around her in protest, knowing that if she was going to alter time, they would have to stay on this plane. They tugged on strands of her hair, chattered loudly, and buzzed around in her face. "What did I tell you? Shush." Her voice had gone icy cold, very different from her warm, airy voice. @the_muse @the_scarlett_ripper @sexbangツ @hipster_jinx @averageunknown_79

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    Hey y'all I'm back, a bit less dead though]]

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    Muse rubbed her nose bridge ever so slightly. Time loop. Time change. It was all so confusing. This is why she disliked time travel. “Well if it is in a time loop. Then it’s already been tampered with. Perhaps after that our tampering won’t really make much of a difference.” She added. Her eye rotated ever so slightly towards Kali. She was a strong witch. It would make the situation ever more dangerous without her there. Ultimately what the grandmaster said was law. She shrugged her shoulders. “As long as you are sure it’s what we should do.” The dark haired femme nodded to Joseph. She then turned to Kali with a pleading look. Hoping she would catch her drift. In her opinion she and Kali were somewhat similar. They had the best interests of the coven at heart. “I think I have some stabilizing potions. So we don’t feel the terrible disorientation of time travel.” She said turning back to the grandmaster. @the_scarlett_ripper @sexbangツ @averageunknown_79

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