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    @_tea_ well so is geeking tbh😂😂😂))

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    @darkstarnara ya i know. This looks dead though, so..

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    @_tea_ your good but make sure no other powers you don’t get new ones or anything just those two)

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    EXPERIMENT 246 Name: Hensley Walker Age: 18 Height: 5'4 Powers: healing factor- able to heal themselves quickly from any wound Telekinesis- able to move things with their mind (still working on) Weaknesses: High pitched noises make her telekinesis stop working and make her brain go on holt, that's how they control her. Background: Hensley was brought up in the lab after the head scientists wife became pregnant. He wanted to create their child and manipulate her brain to allow her to do many things. Introducing new powers and abilities to her every year on her birthday. She knows many things but focuses on her healing and telekinesis. Hensley does not know about who her parents are and that they torcher her everyday.

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    Luke Jeffries  Male 18 Bisexual  Species human  Powers physic (mind reading,Telekinesis,telepathy,the ability to mess with their minds and make them see what I want can also mess with memories and all that jazz ) Bio Luke was taken away from his home at the age of 12 they've tested him with shocks to his brain and he's suffered and felt terrible. He wants to get away but was to afraid to try. Finally he was saved and then he grew to help others after he escaped and even though he is young he is smart he wants to help others

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