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    "Hes in an abandoned church of light just outside the city. I hear he tries his best to restore it." @wouldyoukindly

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    @zamorak “Oh good, Ill get ready then!” she said as she licked her lips. She parted her hair and laughed. “Where is the heathen?” she asked excitedly

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    @gearzaturnin hmm?)

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    Oh boy))

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    "Oh heavens no. Thats why im bringing you!" He smiled widely at the ironic comment that he made. He to found joy in torturing people. But he found joy in the idea of his children doing the same. @wouldyoukindly

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    @zamorak “Hmmm, and you will do this alone?” She asked frowning. She loved torturing the enemy. It practically gave her life.

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    Dagon thought for a moment before speaking. "One of the wonderous things about beung a god is you can do whatever you want." He pauses for a moment before speaking to her again "but alas even a god has to work sometimes. The first thing to do is to adress a recently caught malekai follower" @wouldyoukindly

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    @zamorak “Of course Father.” she smiled. “What’s on the royal agenda today?” she said sitting in his arm rest. “just sitting around?”

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    Dagon looked down at his daughter wirh a smirk on his face. The idea of a demi god bowing to him made him feel powerful. He reached out his hand gently which was weird for him. Her gently rubber the underside of her chin guiding her up. "You dont have to bow to me child. You are an emobiment of chaos. People bow to us." @wouldyoukindly

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