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    Well then bye )))@hellkaiser

  2. Posted by hellkaiser ,

    @wolfishhuman mhmm

  3. Posted by wolfishhuman ,

    Dang)) @hellkaiser

  4. Posted by hellkaiser ,

    @wolfishhuman it dead

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    Name: velvet Age 5 (in rp of course XD) Animal: lioness Personality:is hard to become friends with but hard to loose me too, very cautious. Likes:running, the sky, shade, trees. Dislikes: humans, being indoors, being touched,when approached on blindside.

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    @kayoto_hinusha He stayed awake and watched over her

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    She yawned by opening her gaping jaws and licking her lips before sleeping @nicholas_haze

  8. Posted by Nick_haze ,

    @kayoto_hinusha He layed down at your side and closed his eyes

  9. Posted by Dark_phoenix ,

    She nodded before closing her eyes with a friendly huff that invited him over to her side @nicholas_haze

  10. Posted by Nick_haze ,

    @kayoto_hinusha He lowered his head and walked towards you with a considered growl

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