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    Zack wave at the crowds as the tour ended. He walked out of the reptilian house, He just look around at all the animals. He then thought it be best if he made himself something to eat so he walk toward the kitchen where he prepare the animal lunches, Zack then went into the fridge where he left a PB and J there.

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    She shrugged and shushed him "Sssh pretty sure you wouldn't wake a pregnant human so don't wake the monkey"she whisper shouted and finished signing some stuff and now held the monkey gently looking down at it's now rather large stomach @hellkaiser

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    @kayoto_hinusha "Every fucking day kayoto" he rolls his eyes "oh and kaiser and Raven have a child"

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    She smiled a toothy grin and nodded as the monkeys cackled at him covering their mouths as if they were laughing and one little one threw paper. The pregnant one was laying by her side as Kayoto rubbed its stomach soothingly whilst it fell asleep, its head on her lap @hellkaiser

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    @kayoto_hinusha jäger sighed gently as he got up making his way to the staff room "really kayoto again with the paper?!" He closed the doo r

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    She leapt over the trees and through the monkey enclosure, into the staff room where she sat with some paperwork that she left the day before and started reading through and passing junk mail for the monkeys who ran around and played with it but not eating it, which caused a scene where people were looking at it could be heard from all over the park yet her posture and work didn't stop and everyone who worked at the park were pretty sure they knew that it was her who started the noise @nwaッ @hellkaiser @jacob__jailer_of_the_damned @shy_spirit_wolf @nick_haze

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    Zack smiled As they took pics. "Draco was rescued from Indonesia where Komodo dragon are grind they are carnivores with a venomous bite and Silva. They would eat mice up to water buffalo in the wild but Draco here eat whole grain chicken, mice and sometime turkey "

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    @kayoto_hinusha "I sure will. " He said looking at the people. "Hello Guys my name is Zack And I'm gonna give y'all a little tour about our Komodo dragon and some other animals. " He smiled. "Well first thing is.. this is draco he our male Komodo dragon and he 19 year old. They can live up to 30 years old in captivity. Komodo dragons are the world largest lizard and yes there venomous "

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    Jäger sighed gently as he sat by the dolphin aquarium watching them swim around

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    She chuckled "That is true"she said and exited the cage and beckoning him down "Can you give a little tour for the customers?I need to go and do my paperwork to be able to get the enclosure ready"she said acing and running off with her hair swaying gently @nwaッ

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