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    @kayoto_hinusha Zack titled his head. A little and smiled. "See I'm no treat" he chuckled quietly at what the monkey is doing

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    @kayoto_hinusha ok))

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    I'll be a while//@pinkguyッ

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    Respond to that just getting hair done//@pinkguyッ

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    The monkey grabbed his pointing finger and dropped it, poking her tongue out before doing it again but not dropping it and was now inspecting it @pinkguyッ

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    @kayoto_hinusha ^^

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    He watch the baby monkey walk cautiously closer to him, He smiled and didn't make a move. "I'm no treat. You can climb me" he slowly bring his hand toward her

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    She put her legs closer to her as the monkey woke up and held Kay's cheeks before looking at Zack and twisted her head in confusion before cautiously approaching him @pinkguyッ

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    @hellkaiser @kayoto_hinusha Zack looked at jager then looked at kayoto. He smiled while he watch her sleep on his shoulder. He pat her head slowly and softly. "Have a good sleep boss ".

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