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  1. Posted by Alex_Holmes ,

    @kris_jones Ik)

  2. Posted by clarissa_morganstern ,

    Dang :/ )@your_queen

  3. Posted by Alex_Holmes ,

    Don't have space @kris_jones )

  4. Posted by clarissa_morganstern ,

    Is there a way to re download it?)) @your_queen

  5. Posted by Alex_Holmes ,

    I don't have kik)

  6. Posted by sammy2608 ,

    Im down))

  7. Posted by clarissa_morganstern ,

    (Honestly, if you guys have Kik, it's easier for groups, we separate Out of Character chatting and the Plot chatting into 2 different chats to keep it clean. The two chat profile pictures can be the rules and the other the character descriptions if you want, it's nice and easier to be active. Idk just an idea))@lucifer憎 @sammy__ @your_queen @frio @aius @nemophilist

  8. Posted by clarissa_morganstern ,

    I can be more active, also I'm on a weird schedule so I could be on 24 hours one day or 6 lmao)) @your_queen @sammy__ @lucifer憎

  9. Posted by sammy2608 ,

    I think it was working at first but there's different people with different schedules))

  10. Posted by Alex_Holmes ,


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