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  1. Posted by haileymiller5 ,

    @kinkytheatergeek_43 you can start off if u like?

  2. Posted by the_countess ,

    ((Kai drinks Gin

  3. Posted by the_countess ,


  4. Posted by the_countess ,

    Kai smirked as he was at the Mystic grill, drinking a glass of gin with out a care in the world

  5. Posted by haileymiller5 ,

    @kirsten_clark k you wanna start us off?

  6. Posted by the_countess ,

    I am ready

  7. Posted by haileymiller5 ,

    @kinkytheatergeek_43 yeah just let me know when your ready to start

  8. Posted by kinkytheatergeek ,


  9. Posted by haileymiller5 ,

    @kinkytheatergeek_43 ok if you know people who watches the show you can add them :)

  10. Posted by kinkytheatergeek ,


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