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  1. Posted by Wolfieッ ,

    "Here comes the end and we are the creators of it" He says as he finally reaches the gate

  2. Posted by shortlegs ,

    @ukyo_tachibana *i walk up to you and kneel* "sir will you need some assistance? I offer my life to you and your brother."

  3. Posted by ukyotachibana ,

    @redツ @nasty_wolfieッ @zero__ @jinx_trigger_happy -he waits for the battle to commence, he know of the secret areas he was shown last time he was in the ball room, if he could just make it there, he can get inside and save Erin- @fabulous_kitten

  4. Posted by Wolfieッ ,

    He gets ready and heads towards the front gate in full plate armpit that won't break from how he fights "This will be the end and not in a good way for either side"

  5. Posted by shortlegs ,

    @redツ *i stay ready for attack. I hold my sword and wear my armor. I lower my helmet onto my head and get ready for a fight* "the darkness will reign"

  6. Posted by okoi_natsume ,

    @zero__ sure if it even comea back alive

  7. Posted by spookdascary ,

    @jinx_trigger_happy cans i be head soldier

  8. Posted by spookdascary ,

    @nasty_wolfieッ @redツ @nevertrusting @ukyo_tachibana @shortlegs @fabulous_kitten -smacks-

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  10. Posted by redツ ,

    @nasty_wolfieッ ah))

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