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  1. Posted by omegaking ,

    @karma_ツ I been made the rp lmao)

  2. Posted by Day ,

    @emperorツ😐 mm))

  3. Posted by omegaking ,

    @karma_ツ hold on)

  4. Posted by Day ,

    @emperorツ well it's not in my notifications

  5. Posted by omegaking ,

    @karma_ツ when I first made it)

  6. Posted by Day ,

    @emperorツ it's not showing up for me

  7. Posted by omegaking ,

    @karma_ツ I tagged you twice)

  8. Posted by Day ,

    @emperorツ i didn't get the tag

  9. Posted by whatshouldiputhere ,

    @emperorツ he did post it

  10. Posted by omegaking ,

    @karma_ツ @coeur @house_of_el_ y’all do that in the group)

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