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    @allison8946 oof sorry geeking is not sending me notifications.)) Justin fell asleep on the floor. He would shift around a bit at times and then his foot or arm would twitch making a light flicker once in a while.

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    Jasmine fell asleep eventually, soft whimpers escaping her lips. She'd murmer inaudible things with a Shakey voice, a stray tear occasionally fell down her cheek.

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    @allison8946 ok))

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    @tyler_2 all good))

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    @allison8946 sorry I was in the store and my parents don't like for me to be on my phone while we are in there.))

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    @tyler_2 meh))

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    @allison8946 I'm good and you?))

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    @tyler_2 how is everyone

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    @allison8946 hey))

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