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  1. Posted by brooks ,

    Xavier walks to his appartment building and heads inside.

  2. Posted by scarlett_spider ,

    @skylord_morgana I swing around the city not knowing someone was following but spider sense going off

  3. Posted by kbauersss45 ,

    Rain follows them but gets stopped at a door

  4. Posted by skylord_morgana ,

    Axel Follows@melodyswan ... hopeing she would lead him back to Damine Peramedics "Were unsure ... " they grt to the hospital and bring him to a room

  5. Posted by scarlett_spider ,

    @skylord_morgana yep))

  6. Posted by kbauersss45 ,

    Rain watches the medics "I'm not sure "

  7. Posted by skylord_morgana ,

    @melodyswan @melodyswan you here)) Haldor "urrg what was i even fighting

  8. Posted by kbauersss45 ,

    Rain holds his hand listening

  9. Posted by skylord_morgana ,

    Axel notices the spider above and Starts following .... maybr she can lead him back to Reds property (Damien

  10. Posted by scarlett_spider ,

    Morning all))

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