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  1. Posted by skylord_morgana ,

    jacob makes Extra and serves the girls there plates and hands it to them and sits down with his own .haldor "my room?

  2. Posted by kbauersss45 ,

    Haven smiles nodding Rain shows him to an empty room

  3. Posted by skylord_morgana ,

    haldor "ill follow you wearever you go

  4. Posted by skylord_morgana ,

    Jacob Starts cooking and notices haven right behind Him "Umm .... personal space much ... do you want some too haven? he sighs being 'nice'

  5. Posted by kbauersss45 ,

    Rain "let's go this way..."

  6. Posted by skylord_morgana ,

    Jacob gets himself some bacon Eggs And sauage and starts cooking for him and Skylar Sage grones "look im not gona hurt you im just looking for a place to hide for a bit

  7. Posted by brooks ,

    Xavier tosses the bottle aside and pulls out a sharp object and holds it ready to throw it in the girls direction.

  8. Posted by kbauersss45 ,

    Rain nods "it really is" she stops seeing haven

  9. Posted by skylord_morgana ,

    Jacob Growls annoyed and goes and gets his food... he doesnt like Haven .... they used to be a thing but she got on his nerves real quick Haldor follows smilling "this place is nice

  10. Posted by kbauersss45 ,

    Haven "I wanted food so there we go " Rain walks in

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