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  1. Posted by michigan ,

    Yeah... ||@itsjorge

  2. Posted by itsjorge ,

    @michigan did this died?//

  3. Posted by michigan ,

    I put 3 t's @kittten

  4. Posted by vivacious ,

    I'm kittten (With 3 T's)

  5. Posted by michigan ,

    Well there's someone with your sake username in are rp||@kitten

  6. Posted by kitten ,

    @michigan oh, well can you guys try not to tag me anymore please? i just got a lot of messages flooded in.))

  7. Posted by michigan ,

    Sorry it's not you||@kitten

  8. Posted by jupitxr ,


  9. Posted by kitten ,

    why’d you guys keep tagging me

  10. Posted by michigan ,

    So everyone start roleplaying again!|| @yooyoo @rejected_star @takasu @thelazy_wolf @chenle @supersonic @unipuff @itsjorge @kittten @sushiii@cherry_ツ @_dick

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