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  1. Posted by kazuki_akio ,

    @kemmy Alright

  2. Posted by sugarypoison ,

    I’ll try and get some people as best as I can lol

  3. Posted by kazuki_akio ,

    @kemmy It increases the possibility of be revived from 20% to 50%. So im pretty much up for it

  4. Posted by sugarypoison ,

    What do you think of it though?

  5. Posted by kazuki_akio ,

    @kemmy Same here

  6. Posted by darkblaze224 ,

    @kemmy Well ive never been on this chat. But do whatever you want. Im down

  7. Posted by sugarypoison ,

    To something for fun and interesting

  8. Posted by sugarypoison ,

    I’m thinking of changing the concept of this chat

  9. Posted by sugarypoison ,

    @sacred I have an idea though

  10. Posted by darkblaze224 ,

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