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    This died))

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    @emperorツ what?))

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    @emperorツ what?))

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    @karma_ツ @unipuff if only if y’all new)

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    She kisses him back, wrapping her arms around his neck. Soon breaking a kiss with a smile, resting her forehead on his. Sighing happily. @emperorツ

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    @daddyshiro @karma_ツ Kotaru chuckled as his lover commented on him sitting on his laps. “I can already tell that junior feels good Jakey.” He scowled when he heard his phone go off again, picking it up and replying to his sister: ‘I’ll agree with that. They do treat him like a king.’ He threw his phone off to the side after turning it on vibrate and then turning around on his lover’s laps to face him. He leaned over, kissing him softly. “I’ll take you up on that offer though. Someone’s gotta calm down junior.” @daddyshiro ((Should we like. Go to Dm?))

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    @emperorツ (who should I find? like I dont have anyone else? - can you find someone ?)

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    @guccibaby if she’s not on maybe you can find someone else)

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    @persuasion “Awww baby”he said and smiled and cuddled with her. He sighed and kissed her passionately.

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