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    @neos_ I'll respond to yours)/

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    @sagetora I'll respond later. Sorry. //

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    @neos_ 0 ... who are you? //

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    @neos_ @tinkattack @sagetora Hearing the commotion outside, Chase decides to ditch this meeting with boring people to go check out what’s happening. He attempts to quietly walk back out the way he came.

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    *a bright light is seen entering earth atmosphere and fall towards the city causing most who saw it to begin panicking in fear due to thinking it was a meteorite* @sagetora @tinkattack @lolpack1231 @funtom1875 @_trance_ @draconianwarrior @foxyecho

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    @lolpack1231 Accepted. The queens name is Emily.//

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    @lolpack1231 Name:Jupiter black Gender:Female S/o:bi Description of how oc looks: light brown amber hair , blue wide eyes, small pointed nose , perfectly fitted lips (lightish pink but mostly red) Powers(4 is max):telekinesis, fire control, mind toying ,and increase in normal strenght Weakness:Way to nice and caring Skills with a tool/gadget/weapon: great eith snipers,blades, and fist Likes(3):having fun, using her powers to play shows for people, dancing Dislikes (3):rude people , boring people, snobs Backstory (optional): Role & kingdom:Black thorns queen bestfriends

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    @lolpack1231 Name: Gender: S/o: Description of how oc looks: Powers(4 is max): Weakness: Skills with a tool/gadget/weapon: Likes(3): Dislikes (3): Backstory (optional): Role & kingdom:

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