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  1. Posted by tinkattack ,

    @lolpack1231 i did

  2. Posted by lolmama1231 ,

    @tinkattack did u add me in that?

  3. Posted by lolmama1231 ,

    Hey guys back!))

  4. Posted by draco137955 ,

    Oh hi tinkattack

  5. Posted by the_pest_is_within_us ,

    @tinkattack Oh they did? Never knew that }}

  6. Posted by the_pest_is_within_us ,

    @draconianwarrior I was part of The Scarlet Crusade, but it was removed from the Aa for some odd reason}}

  7. Posted by tinkattack ,

    @the_pest_is_within_us we remade the chat. That's why it's dead here.//

  8. Posted by draco137955 ,

    Same although I was actually pretty active I wasn't able to keep up with the role play so o settled for checking in on everyone and making sure everyone had a good time, I used to be the drakion bodyguard though

  9. Posted by the_pest_is_within_us ,


  10. Posted by the_pest_is_within_us ,

    @draconianwarrior XD oh i do, i actually enjoyed it, even though i was here a few times, but it was good

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