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    Hi all, I have been writing a few erotic stories that are aimed specifically for women. I was hoping that, maybe, I would be able to get an incredibly kind women to give me some feedback. I know this is advertising, and I do apologise if this offends anyone! But if you are able to help, please drop me a message. Thank you.

  2. Posted by megsamillion ,

    @shadow_rawr yup! Have fun rping guys!!!

  3. Posted by shadow_rawr ,

    @megsamillion thank you lol

  4. Posted by megsamillion ,


  5. Posted by megsamillion ,

    @shadow_rawr I would usually say yes but I have crap I have to do and before I didn't know it was a join in leave out rp so I don't want to just leave on y'all during the mid but I wish you luck in finding your jock!

  6. Posted by shadow_rawr ,

    @megsamillion aight lol. I am too XD. And yes you ok with being male??)

  7. Posted by megsamillion ,

    I'm extremely slow

  8. Posted by megsamillion ,

    Waitttttt oh you want me to be male lol okay

  9. Posted by shadow_rawr ,

    @megsamillion you got a male bio??))

  10. Posted by megsamillion ,

    Okay um I can make this work

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