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    Morning came around and everyone was woken up by the shouting of a sergeant in arms standing at the end of the room, waiting for each conscript to be up and standing up in a salute. The salute was different compared to other militaries seeing as it required each of them to bring their left arm to their chest and their right hand and the other hand would rest behind their back. Once each person was in salute the sergeant of arms addressed them all with an extremely authorative voice. "I want all of you to make your way to town square on the double! A event has been planned any you're all ordered to attend." A conscripted raised their hand and the sergeant called on them. "May I ask what the occasion is, sir?" The sergeant looked to them with a harsh gaze. "One of the conscripts, specifically of the raider group we enlisted thought they could get away with raping a maiden in the city. Thankfully one of soldiers responded quite rapidly." Another raised their hand, a raider conscript to be particular the sergeant allowed them to speak as well. "May I ask who is ordering us to attend, sir?" The sergeant didn't have much to say aside a name and that was about all he said before ordering them out. The name of the surperior ordering them to event being none other than, Lanius. At the event Lanius could be seen standing in his armor, his face concealed by the skull looking face guard. Many conscripts shifted in unease others fell silent at the sight of the culprit standing before them being held by Lanius' boot. The rest of the town stood watching the scene, very little words coming from them. Intently waiting to see what Lanius had to say. He did not speak though, instead he nodded to a spokesman who would be reading off a piece of paper once each and every conscript was accounted for. "Lanius, wishes to pardon you for having to be here today to witness this unfortunate event. As you can see before you, this is one of the new conscripts enlisted into the Red Fist, his personal military designated to guard and defend this town as well as every individual in it. As it is the criminal is responsible for attempting to rape a maiden of this settlement. As such the new enlisted conscripts are to bear witness to the consequences of such actions. In this case the punishment given to this individual..." The spokesman stuttered before regaining their composure. "The punishment is nuetering, by the blade along with being forced to work in the labour force, for life. It is advised to the audience, -excluding the conscripts- to shield your eyes at this display." Once finished the conscript who stood before Lanius looked up in fear and horror before suddenly feeling the force of blade cutting the sack from its member. The conscript hit the ground in pain and agony while Lanius cleaned his blade. The spokesman disbanded the even once some Red Fist soldiers removed the petrified conscript, or labourer now. Lanius had by that point left for his homestead and the conscripts were ordered back to the training grounds were business resumed as normal. @creeskellyfox

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    @thespacemarine Iyonna stayed back for a moment as everyone was wrangled into the barracks to be commanded to sleep. She retrieved her knives from the target she had been using. As she walked away, following behind one of the other conscripts, she twirled one on her finger and hummed quietly behind her mask. She didn't change like everyone else had. She had no desire to wear night clothes to sleep for a few hours and change once more. Especially if something happen in the midst of the night. She took whatever bed was left after tge others had chosen. The silent, masked knife thrower laid on the uncomfortable cot and attempted to sleep when she was told to. She wasn't fond of being told what to do by people who not only distrusted her, but also probably wanted to kill her.

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    @flower_power Nona listened as she walked onward towards the Eastern Town. "Indeed. A small, close knit little fishing and trading hamlet. Most people just pass through to find a ship to Safyra... or... Now, Valrook.. since Safyra isn't taking visiting travelers.." she sighed quietly as she spoke. She watched the path ahead as her mind wandered and she stayed prepared for anything. Nona tried not to think too much about anything in case a wolf or a bandit decided to rear it's ugly head. Nona was moving at a steady pace and keeping a clear mind when Drava spoke once more to ask her about her role in the war. Nona almost stopped. She looked at Drava before she answered. "I was not allowed to fight in the war." She stated quietly and looked at her feet. She exhaled and looked up at Drava once more. "The Monastery did not support either side and decided neutrality was the best option. We took in the wounded and healed them instead." She explained as they continued on.

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    After several hours of training the lieutenants and the captain all agreed that the conscripts would be allowed to head to the barracks, unlike the rest of the Red Fist who could head home after training and such, conscripts and pretty much anyone below the rank of sergeant of arms had to stay in the barracks, were they would be. The odd thing though is the army did not seperate by gender. To an outsider critiquing the setup this would surely hit their list. When the lieutenants and captain were asked about the matter they simply responded with "Lanius set it up." Which stopped in investigation into the matter right there. Which leaves it somewhat a mystery. The barracks was a one room structure holding six bunk beds on each side, each labeled with a conscript's name. Furthermore there was a collapsible changing wall in the back of the room for any of the female conscripts who chose to use it for privacy. Those who had lived in this town though, did not show care. Neither did the males. Both genders had no care of the other changing in the same room. The raiders reacted a little... off with the encounter. Some were taken aback by it. While not entirely unusual to them, it was still... odd to say the least. Once all conscripts were changed into the night fatigues the lieutenants came by and ordered lights out to each divison and squads. They then went off to their homes while those on the night shift made their way to their patrols and such. @creeskellyfox

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    Drava nodded,” I’ve been there once. I don’t really remember it, but it’s a fishing village right? Or something similar to that. I believe it smells like fish there to outsiders.” She followed dutifully after Nona, someone Drava considered a friend at this point. It was a bit hard for Drava to even think about having friends. Especially after she missed an entire war, but she knew she’s had friends before. Drava just didn’t know if she really deserved it in a way. “Did you fight in the war Nona,” she turned her head to ask. @creeskellyfox

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    @flower_power Nona nodded. She would concern herself with the druid's attire at a later time. She led the way. She knew the area surrounding the cavern that was their destination. She had stayed clear of it until necessary. She had heard of ghosts haunting the area. She exhaled silently and looked at Drava as the two walked along the dirt path that lead towards the East and to Valengrad. "Have you ever seen Valengrad?" She asked, wondering about Drava's past.

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    Drava shook her head, armor wasn’t really something she ever felt concerned about. Maybe she could need it, but she doubted it. Drava smiled at Nona, “ I’m ready to go when you are. I’m comfortable with what I’m wearing.” She wasn’t picky about most things and certainly not her outfit. Her brows furrowed a bit as a sort of memory invaded her mind. Something about a friend telling her armor was useless and it was better to move fast than to be safer. Drava hmph’d to herself as she mulled this memory over, she didn’t know where it came from, but she has been asleep for a long time. “We should leave soon. I think where we are heading is far,” Drava was quick behind Nona as they started to leave the tavern. A part of Drava felt she’s done something similar to this before. @skellysquid

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    @flower_power Nona placed her spear back in it's place on her back. "No idea, we'll see though. If my old line of work taught me anything it's to check whatever you're handing over to citizen's. Especially when snobby scholars are looking for it." She smirked as she quoted the page. She looked at Drava, she was dressed in ragged cloth armor. Nona worried a tiny bit about her getting snagged or worse. The contrast between her own armor and Drava's would cause suspicion as well. "I'm guessing you don't carry armor with you.." she mumbled quietly. She had two or three coins left and wondered silently if it would pay for at least a pair of pants for the Druid. She shook her head. "Yes, let's head out. Unless you need somethig before we do." She started to walk away before she added the last sentence and stopped herself. She was so used to going alone that she was a tad bit unsure how to behave with a companion

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    Drava took the page that Nona offered after Nona had looked it over. Drava glanced at it and read about the books that were needed to be retrieved from a cavern. “What kind of books do you think they are? Like what may they contain,” she asked Nona with a curious head tilt. Drava was happy with the choice Nona made, hopefully there won’t be much violence. A good old stroll inside a cavern, grab some books, and take a nice on stroll back out. But Drava had a feeling that was not going to be the case as much as she wanted it to be. “Do we leave immediately,” she piped up again. @skellyfox

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    @flower_power Nona scanned the pages of bounties posted. She didn't see any that were exceptionally difficult nor interesting. An encampment of bandits here, runaway daughter there. Nona. Thinking of Drava's comment on disliking violence pulled a page off of the board that read "Reward: Lost tomes. Boneyard Cavern, East of Lithtri, near the large tree thats been struck by lighting. Three books, no titles, two bound in black, one in green." Scribbled at the bottom was a note; "Snobby scholar wants em. Bring em to Valengrad Town Hall. -Jacob" Nona laughed quietly at the scribbles at the end of the page. She handed it to Drava to look over while she checked her weapons.

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