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  1. Posted by darkvioo ,

    @bloodfeather // Add me always

  2. Posted by yellowqueen ,

    ((I'm gonna give this another go. If you wanna be in the next one let me know.))

  3. Posted by darkvioo ,

    // good haha is this dead or dying

  4. Posted by ajanicolee ,

    @darkvioo howdy))

  5. Posted by darkvioo ,

    // I'm still here

  6. Posted by yellowqueen ,

    @sorrowful we need more people who will be here.))

  7. Posted by ajanicolee ,

    @bloodfeather lmao. We could do one?))

  8. Posted by yellowqueen ,

    Err... very few people are reliable anymore. That sounded more aggressive than I meant, I'm sorry.))

  9. Posted by humbled227 ,

    I’d actually cry if this roleplay ended. ;;—;; ]

  10. Posted by yellowqueen ,

    @ajanicolee thinking about sticking to 1x1s since no one is reliable anymore))

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