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    Thomas heard his twin call out for the couple upstairs, in a different room. He was a little confused but he minded his own business. He stayed in his room and continued to mess with his little robots, a few sparks flew every once in a while.

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    "I don't, I was a jerk." She had continued to hold it out, shaking her head

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    @milk “I’m not taking it back and you do deserve it”he said

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    Molly went over to the couple and held out the bag with the iPhone and watch, "I was a jerk, I don't deserve this."

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    Sorry, fell asleep. I’ll answer later )

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    @milk @emperorツ Nicole looked at her kinda confuss

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    @sprite_ Xavier shrugged and went downstairs. He wondered and was curious.”Yes”he asked @milk

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    @milk @emperorツ Nicole heard her and looked at Xavier confused

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