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    @snowcifer basically XD but with a lot more fire

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    Name: Aella Nadine Ferox Dragon Name: Hydrizoniara, Dragon of Fire and Flame (Soul) Kingdom: The Eternal Flame Role: Dragon Knight Gender: Female Age: 20-25 (human years) Height: 5'11" Weight: 160 Species: Dragon Hair: White Blonde (reaches waist) Eyes: Grey Green Scales: Black (Flecks of Gold) •wingspan is 16 feet Likes: war drums, shiny objects, metal working, pocket watches and porcelain tea sets Dislikes: wind chimes, calligraphy, archery, padlocks, being disturbed Weaknesses: Nickels (they're so shiny and fun to chew on) and water magic Weapon: Two handed great sword (5 feet long; Perdition, training sword) •Two handed double edge great sword (4.5 feet long; Aldebrandr: saint of flames, sword of old flame (core of the sword is her fire) Armor: (see photo) Black steel with gold (Hyrrverja, norse for defender of fire) Personality: A fiery dragon who's temper is worse than their flame. Aella loves the sound of war drummers and pretending to be a gargoyle. She likes to sit up high to watch motionlessly until she's disturbed. She tries to be patient but more often than not she lose her temper releasing her angry upon whoever is nearest. Aella loves her kingdom with a passion stronger than her temper, willing to die to keep them safe. You can tell when Aella is coming from the clinking of her fingers against her armor. When a drum isn't around she'll tap her fingers upon her armor driving other crazy with the incessant noise.

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    Looks good. You're in the AA.)

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    Bio™ “Are you afraid of death?” 🍑Names🍑 🍆Name: Slate 🍆Nicknames/Aliases: The Harbringer of Death 👌Basics👌 🍆Gender: Female 🍆Age: Unknown 🍆Sexuality: Bisexual 🍆Species: Dragon 🍆Nationality: Dragonite 🍆Ethnicity: D r a g o n 🍆Group/Alliance/Side: The Eternal Flame 🍆 Position/Role: Dragon knight 🍆Current residence: The Scorchlands 🍆Birthplace: Unknown 🍆Religion: None 💩Appearance💩 🍆Height: 5' 10"/250 ft+(Darkness manipulation allows her form(Not body) to grow) 🍆Weight: 170 lbs/500 ton(Plus armor) 🍆Body shape: Tall and curvy/Like a dragon 🍆Hair color: Dark red 🍆Hair length: 4" 🍆Eye color: Black 🍆Skin color: Tannish 🍆Scars: None 🍆Tattoos: None 🍆 Distinguishable features: None 👬 Powers and equipment👬 🍆Powers: Unmatched darkness manipulation powers, Illusion magic, telepathy, necromancy (Limited) 🍆Strongsuits: Swordfighting, magic, strategy 🍆Weapons: Four dragon talon wrist blades, greatsword made out of dragon talon, dragon tooth whip 🍆Gadgets: Grappling hook 🍆Armor: Dragonscale 🍆Wear: See armor 🍆Vehicle(s): Herself 💦Tragic backstory 💦 Tragicness scale (0/10): Unknown Backstory: Who she is and where she came from is largely unknown. You could always ask her nonetheless 🍑 Personality🍑 Swift A trickster Highly intelligent Serious (Mostly) Persistent Tough Willful Breaking Terrifying Strong Dark Wise Sarcastic 👦Likes and dislikes👳 (Leave blank if don't give a fuck) 😣Extra😣 In dragon form she also wears heavy Dragonscale plates, which gives her a lot of protection but heeds her flight speed and overall lift. Taking this into account, an opponent could either outfly or run her

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    @thot_patrol have you made a bio yet?)

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    @themistressofmystery if you would like to join, please post a bio here and we'll get ya in)

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