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    “These people will be avenged!!” The knight shouted as the shafts of him and the barbaric raider collided. Ragnar cackled right in the knights face which angered him even further, a fire that should never be tampered or played with “These people are weaklings!! Worthless!! And yet you still fight for your ~honor~” He said with an evil smirk down to the knight. The knights were known by the vikings as wicked, beings that care not for their people, only for their law and order. But that was nowhere near true. Knights valued justice more than anything and as a lawbringer...Holden Cross was the judge, jury, and executioner. Holden let out a vicious shout as he forced the viking’s back against the hot wall of a burning building. Ragnar didn’t take lightly to this as his forehead met the knight’s causing Holden to stagger backwards. Ragnar then lunged at the knight shouting in Icelandic tongue “Pú ert daubur!!” (You are dead!) The knight didn’t understand his native language still, but that did not matter now. Quickly Holden grabbed Ragnar by the throat causing him to gag and grunt as Holden threw him back into the wall and bashed him in the chest with the blunted side of his axe knocking the wing out of the viking instantly. This was Holden’s chance to do some damage. Holden wanted to make him suffer greatly for what he did to these people. Ragnar fell to his knees moaning from the pain of the knights strikes and letting out a screech as the hammer head of the axe met his jaw, then his side, then his chest again. The beating was brutal and Holden was glowing a fiery orange. This was revenge at it’s purest state. Ragnar was on his back now, panting in a desperate attempt to catch his breath. It was too late “AD MORTEM INIMICUS!!!” (To death my enemy!) Holden shouted bring the axe down and digging the blade into Ragnar’s shoulder causing him to scream in pain. He would not die just yet. Holden wanted Lyonna to decide what they would do with him

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    Iyonna watched as her home and brethren laid around her. Flames licked at the sky, the groaning, coughing, and quiet praying of the dying men filled her ears. She looked at all of them. She could almost see the ghostly ravens as they landed at their shoulders. She knelt down to a man that she had known for years, the father of Tjorren. She took his bloody hand into both of hers. She could see the warmonger Ragnar as he stomped through the blood and fallen walls of her home. He approached the area where she saw Holden disappear. She silently watched him as she comforted her dying friend. Her eyes left Ragnar and turned to Valkyrja. Valkyrja was searching for answers.. Iyonna shook her head as she watched people go about their actions, whatever drove them had escaped her. She sighed and sat her forehead on the chest of Roggi, Tjorren's father. He laughed at her, coughing up a small amount of blood. She smiled softly. "Worry not, shield sister.. Odin has a place for all of us. I can see his bride's Valkyries now.." he mumbled to her. "The little bear will have to help you rebuild.. Tjorren.. he... he sees you as a mother, yonna.. keep him in your thoughts.." He quietly, through shaky breath and bubbling blood, requested. "kveðjum, Iyonna. They're here.." "kveðjum, Roggi.. kveðjum." She could see the ghostly women as they carried away the warrior, carried him home, and she said goodbye. A dying warrior noticed Iyonna, alive. Full of envy and rage she pulled herself across the ground to show her the same fate that she would have. The warrior drew a small blade. While Iyonna was vulnerable and mourning, her head laid on the corpse of Roggi staring at his face. The woman took this as weakness and lifted the blade. With her dying breath the woman buried her dagger into Iyonna's shoulder. A wound that would not be fatal, but would hurt. Iyonna winced and growled under her breath. She removed the blade and turned to the dead woman. Her blood poured down her back as she commenced to stabbing the dead woman through the heart with her own blade. Afterward Iyonna laid her head back on the chest of her dead friend. She would be here when anyone alive came to find her. @skellymouse @versatile @dragonkin

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    Valkyrja found herself without an enemy. She was coming from her blood lust, finally seeing the fires. She snarled. All this destruction. For what? Valkyrja felt responsible. Iyonna would blame her unless the cause of so much destruction was discovered. The cubs were safe. Time to find the cause. @versatile

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    Holden nodded to Lyonna and dashed quickly to Tjorren nodding to him, still unable to understand his Icelandic tongue “Thank you” Is what he said in Icelandic “Bring more to me” He continued still in Icelandic. Holden hadn’t a clue what he said but continued on before being stopped by a raider wielding a splitting axe that was much like Holden’s. The raider rushed Holden foolishly, swinging the axe rapidly. He had met a swift end as Holden ducked underneath the raider’s first swing and tripped him up. Before the raider even hit the ground Holden’s axe was buried into his neck. He yanked his axe back into his hands and ran for the next house, then the next, then the next. He swept through the houses quickly making sure there were no children left in harms way. The last child was still in her bed as the walls began to burn all around her. She was trying to reach a little stuffed toy on her dresser and screamed as she heard the door break in and holden’s boots hitting the crumbling floorboards. “I’ve got....” He went to say before the floor collapsed beneath them, the stuffed bunny hanging from the broken floorboard above them. The little girl’s teary eyes looked up to it as she reached for it. Holden quickly jumped up with the little girl in her arms and snagged the bunny from the wooden plank and gave it to her “Hold tight little one...” He said softly to the little girl. She did not understand him but knew to cling anyways as he dove through the window and out into the streets but was soon confronted by Ragnar and his smirking lips “The knight shows himself...” He said in proper english as he approached me. The little girl clutched the rabbit in her hands as Holden held her tightly in his brawny arms. He glared at Ragnar “If i go with you...you will leave these people alone?” He asked in a strong tone and Ragnar barreled a cackle with a smirk still on his lips “Its a dead or alive reward...” He said answering my question and Holden grit his teeth knocking him over as Holden charged through him. Holden caught someone who was out of combat for the moment and prayed they spoke english as he tossed the child to them “Get her to Tjorren!!” He shouted and quickly turned to face Ragnar @creeskellyfox @skellymouse

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    Bodies fell. Everywhere. All around her. Her men and the raiders both. They were fearlessly murdering eachother. Iyonna ran at a man who was coming toward Hanse's back. She buried her axe into his back and pulled herself, leaping over him. She took her other axe a whacked at his neck. A clean cut. Blood sprayed across her face. She removed her weapon from him and turned to see Holden escorting two children. She raised her axe angrily before he spoke. Her nose curled at him before she heard his words. "Fínt. Go. Find Tjorren. The cub is looking after the little ones." She nodded upwards at him and ran into the thick of the battle. She watched as Vakyrja ended the lives of men nearby. @skellymouse @versatile

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    "Sie werden alle fallen," Valkyrja repeated, clasping Iyonna's forearm tightly. They all will fall. Valkyrja had learned to fight with a multitude of weapons, as all warriors should. However, she was well known for her use of an enormous war hammer that always hung from her back. She usually used it with her double sided polearm, reserving her swords for one on one battles. The hammers staff was almost double her height and the block of steel with sharp silver spikes was larger than a big man's chest. Many marveled at how such a small woman could wield something so heavy single handed whilst dual wielding a polearm. Truth be told, it had taken a fuck ton of practice. But there was no way she'd admit that to anyone. Valkyrja ran out of the building and into the fray, her movements causing her hood to fall back and reveal her face. Thick marbled scars stemmed from her eyes, down her cheeks, across her nose and to her chin. Her disfigurement usually inspired more fear than the Blood Crow tribes with their filed teeth. It had forever marked her as a fierce warrior and an outsider within her own clan, though they accepted and respected her ferocity in battle. Her recent head pain from the voices left streaks of blood from both her ears and eyes. Valkyrja roared a battle cry as she charged at her first opponent, yanking the hammer from her back and swinging the polearm in a wide arc. The man jumped back, effectively avoiding the wicked blade. Valkyrja danced in closer, swinging the hammer. The block of steel cut through the air with a hard WHUMP sound, catching the teetering man in his ribs. He fell, screaming in agony from several broken ribs. Through his helmet, she saw blood bubble out of his mouth as she jumped into his chest, brining the blade of her polearm down into his throat. Before she could savor her victory, another man charged her. Leaving her polearm in the dead man's throat, she jumped back and to the right. Before the man had the time to turn, the head of her hammer smashed into his skull. He fell to the ground and didn't move, his helmet caved in. Valkyrja yanked her polearm from the first man's neck and charged into a thicket of armoured men, effectively dispatching each of them with polearm and hammer alike. Her blood sang with every death and she totally lost herself in the violence. @versatile @creeskellyfox

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    Holden dashed quickly trying his best to stay out of the fight and get into those houses. The one closest was his first target, a simple one story cottage. The door was weakened by the flames which gave Holden an easier time breaking it down with a simple bash of his shoulder. Inside there were two kids holding each other tightly. A little blonde boy and girl, the girl was clutched to what Holden had assumed her brother. At the first sight of Holden they panicked, but after seeing his attire, the simple leather that their townspeople wore they started to grow a little more comfortable. The little girl looked up to Holden, her eyes glistening from the tears still forming. Holden hit a knee to and held his hand to them “Do any of you two speak english?” I asked and the little girl nodded and said in a terrified little voice “M-m-momma....she’s teaching me....” Holden nodded to the little girl as he spoke softly “I’m going to get you two to safety...” Holden said strongly and the girl clutched to her brother a little bit tighter as she spoke “My friends...are they still trapped?” Holden shrugged lightly “I dont know...but if they are....i will get them out” He said. It wasn’t long before the village collapsed behind them as Holden ran out carrying the two bumping into Lyonna as he got to the front gate. ‘Damnit...this isn’t the time...’ He thought to himself then said aloud “If you distract the raiders i can get the children to the woods” He said not knowing about the welps @creeskellyfox @skellymouse

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    Iyonna didn't have time to fight with Valkyrja they were closing in, she felt the heat of the flames below her at the base of the tower. She let out a huff of air. "Fínt." Fine. She let out the word with reluctance. She let go of her and grabbed her forearm, a sign of trust. "þeir munu allir falla." She made the quiet promise to Valkyrja and any ancestors that were listening. They all will fall. "taktu öxi þína, systir. köflum hringir." Take up your axe, sister. The ravens are calling. She let go of her arm after gripping it tightly. She moved away from her and leaped over the edge of the tower burying her hatchet into the shoulder of the raider below her. She swung her axe once more into his face as she straddling him. She stood as she removed her axe from him and grabbed her secondary one from its place on her hip. @skellymouse @versatile

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    "Ich schwöre, ich habe es nichte getan!" Valkyrja growled, her voice made all the more guttural by her throat being crushed. "Bei meinem Hammer, ich habe nicht!" I swear I didn't. By my hammer, I didn't. Valkyrja held up her empty gloved hands, two fingers on her left hand still wet with her own blood. She would never lead an attack on another sheild maidens village. "Ich werde mit deiner Schwester kämpfen," she swore. "Wenn du mich lässt." I will fight with you. If you let me. @creeskellyfox

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