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  1. Posted by fell_ ,

    I like the rp setting, and I'd make something similar. But not copy pasting, and not the exact ideas.

  2. Posted by Triforce16nerdacious ,

    Exactly. Unfortunately some people can't grasp that concept. For me, having known this user and rp since it was first created (before this particular rp) I feel like I need to defend his work. I know how difficult it is to create interesting, original material and when someone comes and snatches it without permission it makes my blood boil

  3. Posted by fell_ ,

    Definitely. Just changing a few words, giving them credit, and using it WITHOUT consulting the owner of the work is not...not morally correct, nor is it lawfully correct. Plagiarism.

  4. Posted by Triforce16nerdacious ,

    @fell_ that is true. However I also believe that people have no respect for other's original work. Such as this person. I find it disappointing as it is a lack of respect to the creator.

  5. Posted by fell_ ,

    @triforce16nerdacious you're welcome man. People in roleplay groups these days aren't what they used to be :3

  6. Posted by Triforce16nerdacious ,

    @fell_ thank you.

  7. Posted by fell_ ,

    Yo, just saying, User. You should work on tweaking your literary errors. I believe your attitude also needs some work. You were very rude in the sense of trying to hastily end a conversation by saying 'Bye'. To a moderator...? If anyone did that to me in real life, they would most certainly not look good in my eyes. You're shedding a poor light for yourself dude. Make sure you cite properly. English class 101. And it's better to take a screenshot after he's said it's fine. Otherwise it's just an unread message.

  8. Posted by Triforce16nerdacious ,

    Whatever man

  9. Posted by dominance_39 ,

  10. Posted by dominance_39 ,

    @triforce16nerdacious if that is your opinion on the matter it wouldn’t matter how I personally worded it, as this is in fact a typical apocalyptic zombie role-play with advanced stages of a plague in flesh. In a sense this plot is a combination of left 4 dead, and Walking dead. So with that being said regardless of how I personally worded it, it would essentially be the same thing. I simply enjoy the way in which he phrased his plot, and I am using his wording. With that said, I have no desire to debate this so have a great evening. Just to put your mind at ease I will PERSONALLY message him, and inform him of my intentions with his plot. Bye :)

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