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    @grimoirespawn Hi ))

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    Oi ^^//

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    @skulliana01 ?? Hi))

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    @sen_ hey))

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    Lynnx nodded as she took her seat and smiled, after settling into her chat and picked up her utensils she dug into the food. The first bite she took made her mouth water and stomach asking for more, it was delicious and just as how she remembered his cooking. “This is so good Exav, thank you.” Lynnx wasn’t lying when she said that, the food was really good and it was a huge turn from having take out almost every night. @pat_pat

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    "No I wonder if I've actually been saved or been kidnapped nap, by a sexy bad guy," She joked enjoying it and wiggling around a little, She was having a lot of fun and didn't want it to just stop right there, "Either way being saved or not, the rope does seem like a good idea." @pat_pat

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    @covering_my_beauty Lillian kisses back happily as their lips met. Her hand didn’t let up as it continued its assault on Lila’s ass. The other one grabbed the back of her hair and pulled it back separating their lips so Lillian could have some fun with Lila’s neck now. She mimicked what Lila did first laying down soft kisses before beginning to suck on the soft flesh leaving hickeys. “You naughty naughty damsel. Looks like someone needs to be punished.” She said in between kisses as her hand that was at her ass made its way to the front of her crotch beginning to keep her “busy”. She stopped kissing and moved her mouth to Lila’s ear whispering “Maybe some rope will teach you a lesson.”

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    @pat_pat ^^ //Short sorry, but super busy//

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    Lila made a little noise before going back up and locking lips with Lillian and moving closer so her body was completely pressed up against her a small moan escaping her mouth.

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