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  1. Posted by Brieellekitty ,

    *giggles* @thatonegirlthatlikesanime

  2. Posted by thatonegirlthatlikesanime ,

    Rolls eyes

  3. Posted by Brieellekitty ,

    "And pink... we can be BlackPink." ;) *I said happily*

  4. Posted by thatonegirlthatlikesanime ,

    "How biut black­čść"@brieellekitty

  5. Posted by Brieellekitty ,

    "We should buy furniture together." @thatonegirlthatlikesanime

  6. Posted by Brieellekitty ,


  7. Posted by thatonegirlthatlikesanime ,

    Ok srry))@saosin umm yeh lets stop))@zoeyismyname

  8. Posted by Serina ,

    Enough, please no small disputes and continue to rp. ))

  9. Posted by Brieellekitty ,

    @thatonegirlthatlikesanime "you know what?" "I have been looking for a roommate." "If you don't have a place we should room together at my complex." *I said bubbly*

  10. Posted by Zoeyismyname ,

    @brieellekitty @thatonegirlthatlikesanime Tag each other if you talk to them))

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