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  1. Posted by Serina ,

    Admin chat. You should still be apart of it. )) @jack_carnoff

  2. Posted by Jack_carnoff ,

    @saosin Can I get a brief rundown of them?))

  3. Posted by Serina ,

    Honestly me too, and yes there has been haha but since life has happened and such those plots have been put on pause. )) @jack_carnoff

  4. Posted by Jack_carnoff ,

    @saosin I hope it livens up, I miss the old times. I miss this place, and how it was. Have there been any plot points since I've been dead/gone/poofed? Haha))

  5. Posted by Serina ,

    Ah well great, swing away then. And honestly slow and dead. I was going to make a little deal of reaching over 300 people joining but no one was posting and such so decided to hold it off. )) @jack_carnoff

  6. Posted by Jack_carnoff ,

    @saosin Feels that way haha it's been too long. I'm gonna try to get back into the swing of rp. How's things been here?))

  7. Posted by Serina ,

    Hey! Wb (if ya are) it’s been what? Three or four years, already? Lol @jack_carnoff Can you find one? @biggiepops Yes you can, just read Aa please. @ariadneッ ))

  8. Posted by AriadneAdams ,

    May I join?

  9. Posted by biggiepops ,

    Age: 20

  10. Posted by biggiepops ,

    Name: Max Dominguez Sex: Male Height: 6'5 Weight: 260 Nickname: Big Papi, Biggie Pops, Bio: Very friendly, willing to help others and used to live in the south before moving to the complex. @saosin (I don't have a picture, sorry!)

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