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    Sweet @saosin

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    Name: Morgan Age: 22 Gender: Female Race: Shifter-(race of alien that can switch into any being that they get a sight of it in person or a photo) Sexuality: Bi Height: 5'6 ))

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    You're welcome. )) @whisper_

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    @saosin thank you))

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    Honestly you can be anything you want, as long as the age for your character is 18 or over. This complex rp isn't what it seems to be so anything goes, dirty to dm and yea that's it. You post your bio here and wait for a admin to approve. )) @whisper_

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    @saosin oh perfect thank you so what do I need in my bio to join?))

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    I'll help you. )) @whisper_

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    ((Uhhh who do I talk to about entry?))

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