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    Hey what’sup I’m looking for a long term rp partner. I’m not in to straight sex Roleplays. Im extremely descriptive and enjoy creating a little world. So hmu if your interested in creating a new world together, check my pf for a sample of my writing style. 🌹❣️🌹 look forward to hearing from you

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    If anyone is semi lit or advanced lit DM me to discuss rp ideas and make a plot unless you have your own :)

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    @wassup_bro crossing fingers that this is an rp chat

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    Bio Name : Mae Gender : Female Sexuality : straight Age : 17 Back story: I was a troubled teen who was reckless, adventurous, a misfit and who always managed to find trouble. I was running away from my abusive mother (which explains the bad attitude) I would purposely get into trouble to stay behind at school.

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    Hello, brothers and sisters 😂😂😂😪😪😥😥😥😂😂😂😂😪😪😥😪😂😂😂

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