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    Hello everyone.thanks for accepting me to this wonderful group. I am new here..  I am a hardworking witch doctor.  I have been practising spirituality  work for 20years.  I have been doing spirituality  work for 20 years.  I do all kinds of reading, spells, healings  and make spiritual  realm oils for healing and heart wishes. I hope i will be able to fix lives on this group.

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    I'm just trying to rp somewhere yikesss

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    There are no admins?》

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    Looking for Danny Phantom literate RP. Skulker x Ember Need someone to play Skulker. Literate! On Discord or Telegram or KiK or whatever. Long term please :) We can double up, or even do more fandoms!

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    You walked into the first room to left, spotting a pile of vomit directly on the bed. Drool began to trickle from your gaping mouth, as you saw that glimmering vomit in the sun; you couldn’t help yourself anymore, in a matter of seconds you had pounced in it, indulging in the chunky goodness.

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    You walk into Madeline’s bedroom, seeing her in a see through purple gown and her panties. “What the hell (your name) ?! Why are you in my room?” Madeline says softly, looking up at the man. You are Madeline’s fathers friend. Madeline and her family are one of the most famous in the country, billionaires. Madeline was so sweet and humble to you that you couldn’t resist her anymore. Madeline was 17 , long blonde hair, fair soft skin, big blue eyes, soft perky breasts she loved when he sucked on them, plump soft ass. (Continue the roleplay and please provide your character description )

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    She seems underage to a man in a line of work.. serious work.. Is madeline a loli? or isn't that when they're like.. 12

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