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    I look for a friend

  3. Posted by meisie ,

    Hi I am Meisie

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    @safron Unfortunately this roleplay had died. ||

  6. Posted by safron ,

    Um, hi I'm new to the app and I was interested by this RP

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    Hey everyone! We are looking for BETA TESTERS for our new rewarding services where you can get Steam Keys for FREE. D.M us for more information.

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    Okay, so I made a RP that's like a spiritual successor to this one. Feel free to join the Exodus Express!

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    It's a shame this died. I hope someone can keep it running.

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    Ello Peeps ^-^! We are giving away more than 100+ FREE gift cards only for this month (Amazon, Steam, PayPal and More). DM me if you would like to participate :3 (LAST WEEK)!

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