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  1. Posted by spirit ,

    @ss_idivinity Ah, okay. That's good.

  2. Posted by Karma_Is_A_Bitch ,

    @friednoob Stfu

  3. Posted by friednoob ,

    @aliツ loser

  4. Posted by Karma_Is_A_Bitch ,

    @friednoob DONT BOI

  5. Posted by ss_idivinity ,

    @spirit nothing I'll be fine

  6. Posted by friednoob ,

    @aliツ “i cant english”

  7. Posted by spirit ,

    @ss_idivinity What is wrong?

  8. Posted by ss_idivinity ,

    @spirit no but I'll be ok (stops all actions immediately and fixes suit and tie)

  9. Posted by friednoob ,


  10. Posted by friednoob ,

    Thats a lie

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