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    Bellerose continues to stand in his mech, smoking cigarettes and looking at the passerbyers with a faint smile on his lips and his cigarette between his teeth. Maybe he'd break out a bottle of that fancy '78 stuff, he was incredibly pleased with his haul from the vineyard's crypt though he was careful about wasting it and more so about trading it. He sighs, a couple of cigarettes litter around the hood of the mech while he taps and stares looking for someone interesting to catch his eye.

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    Hey, I've had a long day. I'm preparing a super long post for tomorrow!! Sorry to hold everyone up! //

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    The pace at which the boy scampered was surprising, considering he was a human rather than some kind of animal. For the most part, his gaze was scanning the ground rather than the surroundings. Safe footing. A clear path. That was all he needed. By the time he was ten feet from the wall he was completely out of stamina. Barely continuing in a straight line, his hand slipped under him and he tumbled. The boy rolled head-over and ended up curled onto his side in a little scruffy ball. Huffing, he glanced up and blinked, then shook his head rapidly to brush the dirt from his hair. It was all over his face and clothes, sure, but something about that dirt in his hair... nope. He didn’t like that one bit. The mute then sat up and scratched feverishly at his head while observing the wall. That big thing hiding keeping him from his food... it looked a lot taller from the ground. Also hard. Not a mud wall... a stoney looking one. People were wandering on the tops of it. A tiny smile cracked his blank expression. They looked like tiny squish-able things from here. But that was besides the point. He needed to get over it somehow.... or... The boy crawled over to the edge of the wall, feeling around at the dirt around it. The top... didn’t exactly feel soft. He frowned, brows furrowing. With his only hand, he grasped at the knife strapped to the remaining stub of his missing arm, then plunged it into the ground. He struggled for a moment, but soon had managed to flick a chunk into the air. Into his face. The small boy growled and wrinkled up his nose, spitting to the side a part that had flown into his mouth. After shaking his head rapidly for a second time, he attempted again, making the whole a bit bigger. It may take a while, yes, but this was probably the best way for him to get in.

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    (@angels_darkness_ also it's because I don't know much about anyone here so I'd gradually work my way into working with someone)

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    (That's good@angels_darkness_ )

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    @quinne check your dm)

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    Forgive my terrible uhh admining right now haha my brain still isn't fully there after making this whole thing.. Its the first rp I've made with such a big lore and everything so I'm still you know, but you @kriven_braunt and drunken aren't really interacting with anyone at the moment and that's not saying you won't everyone will meet eventually in the rp but for the time being until you do there's really no turn table for you if that makes sense.. Now if you want to be in the turn table then heres how it would go. @quinne @angels_darkness_ @bata @silver @kriven_braunt @drunkenphilosopher

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    @bata you would be posting now and then silver will)

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    @angels_darkness_ (my post will be in about 25 minutes, middle of something currently)

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    (Wait, where am I in this turn system??)

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