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    💋 G E N E R A L 💋 Name: Senna Uchiha Age: 20 Species: Human Gender: Female Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Blood Type: O Birthday: October 22nd Personality: Selfless, Kind, Shy, and Proud Good Trait(s): Leadership, High Intellect, and Quick Analyzer Bad Trait(s): Aloof to Others, Secretive, and Lying Like(s): Green Tea Dislike(s): Black Tea Hobby(ies): Drawing, Reading, and Training Fear(s): Entomophobia and Arachnophobia Strength(s): Ninjutsu / Taijutsu Weakness(es): Water Release and Multiple Enemies / Consecutive Fights Personal Quote: "Is that really necessary? I'm one of the main branches' heiress but I dislike special attention" History: As one of the candidates to lead the Uchiha, Senna is known for her Sharigan and Fire Release jutsu but she is also feared around the world as; The Crimson Princess of the Lead Clan Info Clan Name: Uchiha Symbol: Uchiha Fan History: Duh? Wiki is your friend. ☺ Specialty: Kekkei Genkai / Dōjutsu Kekkei Genkai: Sharigan / Mangekyō Sharigan Status: Active Clan Appearance -Skin Tone: Pale -Markings: None -Hair color(s): Black / Dark Navy Blue -Eye color(s): Onyx Looks and Appearance Body Type/Looks: Curvy / Svelte Height: 5'7 ft Weight: 130 lbs Hairstyle(s): Reference Picture Accessories: None Scars or Tattoos: X (On her back) Jewelry and/or Piercings: None Relationships Parents: Mizuchi Uchiha (Mother) and Chihōtuko Uchiha (Father) Sibling(s): Izuna Uchiha (Younger Beother, 5 Y/O) Relative(s): Ichichõ Uchiha (Grandmother) and Utakata Uchiha (Grandfather) Best Friend(s): None Friend(s): Unknown Sensei(s): Chihōtuko Uchiha (Father) Student(s): N/A Crush(es)/Spouse/Bf/Gf: None Rival(s): N/A Enemy(ies): N/A Pet(s): Weasel & Eagle Favorites/Least Favorites Food(s): Sweets / Sourish Drink(s): Sakē and Green Tea / Black Tea Color(s): Red, Blush, Green / Orange and Yellow Season(s): Winter Time of Day: Noon Weather: Clear Flower: Daisy Animal: Koala Ninja Information Birth Village: Sekaigakure Current Village: Sekaigakure Academy Graduation Age: 7 Chūnin Promotion Age: 8 Rank: High Rankes Jōnin Are you in the Akatsuki: No Sensei: Chihōtuko Uchiha (Father) Nindo: "Protecting this unified Village towards PEACE is the way I'll do things until the very end" Chakra Element: Fire Release, Wind Release, and Lightning Release Weapon(s): Uchiha Fan Kekkei Genkai: Sharigan / Mangekyō Sharigan NINJA STATS 1 - 5: Horrible 6 - 8: Below average 9 - 10: Average 11 - 13: Above average 14 - 16: Talented 17 - 18: Gifted [This is Sannin level] Strength in Jutsu Ninjutsu: 18 Genjutsu: 16 Taijutsu: 13 Kekkei Genkai: 17 Doujutsu: 17 Kinjutsu : 10 Fuuinjutsu: 10 Strength in Missions Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 9 Strength: 16 Agility: 15 Dexterity: 15 Stamina: 10 Constitution: 11 Charisma: 13 Chakra Control: 14 Cooperation: 10 (Future Sensei, once you guys graduate)

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    Name: Xion Ingro Nickname: X and Shinobi X Age: 10 [Academy Student] (Current Rank) Xion Information: Xion is the Eighth in his clan. He was showed great potential when he was a Academy Student. He was often seen training with many people at once. He likes to train with a group of people. Xion knew Body flicker even before he was in the academy. He hopes to be the Greatest Shinobi there ever was. Clan Information: Ingro clan is known for there amazing Wind Ninjutsu Shinobi. Ingro are also know for the speed of there hands when weaving hand signals. Chakra Nature: Wind Jutsus: [Academy Student] Body Flicker Stats: Academy Student [1-5 as seen in the Naruto Data Book] Ninjutsu: 2 Taijutsu: 2 Genjutsu: 0.5 Kenjutsu: 1 Senjutsu: 0.5 Fuinjutsu: 1 Shurikenjutsu: 1 Speed: 2 Strength: 1 Resourcefulness: 2 Teamwork: 3 Intelligence: 2 Agility: 2 Hand speed: 3 Nindo: "You Just Wait" Personality: He loves everyone everyone he meets. He will never hate anyone. Like ever

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    General Name: Abel inuzuka Age:13 (time skip 18) Species: Human Gender: male Sexual Orientation: straight Blood Type: AB+ Birthday: October 31 Personality: Taking after his clans head strong and aggressive personality Good Trait(s): Calm, quiet and head strong Bad Trait(s): Usually gets sidetracked and has a tendency to get a murder rage Like(s): well cooked meals, nature and exploration and killing Dislike(s): People in his business,  bad meat and smells Hobby(ies): sleeping, eating and bonding with zadamaru Fears: losing zadamaru Strength(s): Taijutsu/ninjutsu Weakness(es): gets tired and hungry easily Personal Quote: "your annoying" History: he's an inuzuka, stubborn and hardy, he is prone to angry fits and is aggressive to strangers that he or Zada  doesn't like Clan Info Clan Name: inuzuka Symbol: don't know the name History: we the fucking inuzuka Specialty: beast collaboration Kekkei Genkai: Status: Active Clan Appearance -Skin Tone: creme -Markings:red fang tattoo on face -Hair color(s): Black -Eye color(s): amber Looks and Appearance Body Type/Looks: Athletic Height: 6'2 Weight: 220lb Hairstyle(s):short black hair Accessories: two black rings on right hand Scars or Tattoos: large scars and bite marks riddel my back Jewelry and/or Piercings: one diamond earring Relationships Parent(s): unknown Sibling(s): unknown Relative(s): Unknown Best Friend(s): none Friend(s): none Sensei(s):none Student(s):None Crush(es)/Spouse/Bf/Gf: none Rival(s): Enemy(ies): anyone in my way Pet(s): <ninken> zadamaru Favorites/Least Favorites Food(s): meat cooked, seafood Drink(s): sake, soda Color(s): Black-red Season(s): Winter Time of Day: night Weather: winter Flower: hates Animal: Wolf Ninja Information Birth Village: seikeigahkure Current Village: seikeigahkure Rank: Academy Sensei: n/a yet Nindo: "my fangs will crush your spirit" Chakra Element: earth/ yang release Jutsu's Other basic Kekkei Genkai: n/a NINJA STATS •Stats, Part 2 is Bracketed, Followed by Part 3: 1 - 5: Horrible 6 - 8: Below average 9 - 10: Average 11 - 13: Above average 14 - 16: Talented 17 - 18: Gifted [This is Sannin   •Stats, Part 2 is Bracketed, Followed by Part 3: 1 - 5: Horrible 6 - 8: Below average 9 - 10: Average 11 - 13: Above average 14 - 16: Talented 17 - 18: Gifted [This is Sannin level] •Ninjutsu: 5 [16, 18] •Taijutsu: 4 [7, 9] •Fūinjutsu: 5 [5, 5] •Shurikenjutsu: 3 [6, 9] •Teamwork: 5 [11, 13] •Intelligence: 4 [10, 13] •Dexterity: 4 [10, 12] •Strength: 6 [7, 8] •Speed: 6 [16, 18] •Stamina: 6 [9, 11] •Hand Seals: 5 [14, 16] •Resourcefulness: 5 [17, 18] Strength in Missions-when older Intelligence: 7 Wisdom:6 Strength : 10 Agility:10 Dexterity: 10 Stamina :9 Constitution:7 Charisma: 7 Chakra Control:6 Cooperation :6

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    General Name: Diojo Nara Age: 26 Species: Human Gender: male Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Blood Type: AB+ Birthday: 01/09 Personality: Laid back, fairly lazy but generally upbeat to teach his students Good Trait(s): Inteligente beyond comprehension, easy to get to know Bad Trait(s): Generally lazy, tends to ramble on about random topics, smoking, and doesn't disciple enough. Like(s): Clouds, reading and sleep. Dislike(s): Work, having disruptive students. Hobby(ies): Cloud watching, relaxing on a hill, and sleeping. Fear(s): The annihilation of his clan, being put under leadership of another team. Strength(s): Intelligence, and shadow jutsus Weakness(es): [Remember everyone has weaknesses!]: Having to fight quick and agile opponents. Personal Quote: 'Shut up and learn, you'll thank me later.' History: Diojo was born into the side branches of the Nara clan but that didn't stop him from being one of the smartest also. Even though he hides his true intellect, it's almost on par with shikamaru Nara. Clan Info Clan Name: Nara Symbol: you know it History: Uhhhh Specialty: Shadow Jutsu Kekkei Genkai: none Status: Active teacher Clan Appearance -Skin Tone: light -Markings: none -Hair color(s): brown/black -Eye color(s): grey Looks and Appearance Body Type/Looks: Tall and muscular Height: 6'2 Weight: 186lbs Hairstyle(s): spiked manbun Accessories: non Scars or Tattoos: Jewelry and/or Piercings: two stub piercings Relationships Parents: Deceased Sibling(s): none Relative(s): several other Nara Best Friend(s): NA Friend(s): NA Sensei(s):NA Student(s): several Crush(es)/Spouse/Bf/Gf: Divorced Rival(s):none Enemy(ies): plenty Pet(s):[Not all ninja have pets] none Favorites/Least Favorites Food(s): BBQ Drink(s): Ice tea Color(s): black Season(s): Winter Time of Day: Morning Weather: clear Flower: Cherry Sakura Animal: Owl Ninja Information Birth Village: Current Village: Academy Graduation Age: 9 Chūnin Promotion Age: 14 Jonin promotion age: 19 Rank:Teacher Are you in the Akatsuki?: [Try to avoid this!]: no Sensei: [Could also be your OC's father/mother, or someone they look up to]: Shikamaru Nara Nindo: 'Im going to help guide the next generation!' Chakra Element: fire earth yin Weapon(s): typical shinobi weapons Jutsu's To many lazy Kekkei Genkai: none NINJA STATS 1 - 5: Horrible 6 - 8: Below average 9 - 10: Average 11 - 13: Above average 14 - 16: Talented 17 - 18: Gifted [This is Sannin level] Strength in Jutsu Ninjutsu: 15 Genjutsu:16 Taijutsu :14 Kekkei Genkai :0 Doujutsu: 0 Kinjutsu :16 Fuuinjutsu: 15 Strength in Missions Intelligence: 18 Wisdom: 18 Strength : 14 Agility:14 Dexterity: 13 Stamina :11 Constitution:10 Charisma: 11 Chakra Control:17 Cooperation :18

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    @defiance *throws blanket*

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    @unruly_ai I'll find a picture then. Brb ||

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    @defiance if done correctly it's not that bad, no little prodigies just kids being kids)

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    @defiance Tch. 😐

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    @cadaver Oye, shaddap || @unruly_ai Cowboy just made me hate the academy honestly. ||

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    @defiance if that's what you want, we are just trying to add a tad more character development)

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