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    @warman88 But send it to the owner or a admin first for final review

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    @warman88 Use the sheet space did. Just fill it in with your ocs info.

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    (Lol can I join I need a bio sheet xD)

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    Part I / Pre-Shippūden Name: Kayuske Uzumaki. Age: 16 Species: Human Gender: MalePart I Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual /Straight Blood Type: 0 Birthday: December 27th Good Trait: , Intense Will.Bad Trait(s): Like(s): Dumplings, Training and Walking, Ramen Dislike(s): Stuck up Hobby(ies): Relaxing and Training and sleeping Fear(s): Failing, losing Strength(s): Will of Fire, Never surrenders, very high toughness, calm. Weakness(es): Fear of failing, Solo style of fighting and missions, Clan Info Clan Name: Status: Alive Clan Appearance -Skin Tone: White -Markings: None -Hair color(s): Blonde -Eye color(s): Blue Looks and Appearance Body Type/Looks: Average Height, Handsome, Muscular Tone Height: 6 foot Weight: Unknown Makeup/Facepaint: None Hairstyle(s): Messy blonde hair Accessories: None Scent: None Scars or Tattoos: None Jewelry and/or Piercings: None Relationships Parent(s): Ayaka Uzumaki Father Deceased/ Raia Senju Deceased Sibling(s): None Relative(s): None Best Friend(s): None Friend(s): Fellow students/Team Mated Sensei(s): (Soon) Student(s): (Soon) Crush(es)/Spouse/Bf/Gf: None Rival(s): (Soon) Enemy(ies): Enemies to the shinboi world Pet(s): None Favorites/Least Favorites Food(s): Dumpling, BBQ Drink(s): Water Color(s): Blue, Black, Red and White, Orange. Season(s): Spring Time of Day: Morning Weather: Snowy Flower: Roses Animal: Stag Ninja Information Birth Village: Konoha Current Village: N/A Academy Graduation Age: 11 Chūnin Promotion Age: 15 Rank: Chunin Ninja Status: Leaf Genin Are you in the Akatsuki?: No Bijuu [Tailed Beast]?: Nine Tails Teammates: (Soon) Sensei: (Soon) Nindo: "Watch me! I'll be the strongest there has ever been!" Chakra Element: 3 Wind Release Fire Release. Earth Release Weapons: Kunai, Shuriken. Standard Equipment for Ninjas NINJA STATS [*Remember not to Overpower your OC or they will be considered mary-sue*] 1 - 5: Horrible 6 - 8: Below average 9 - 10: Average 11 - 13: Above average 14 - 16: Talented 17 - 18: Gifted [This is Sannin level] Strength in Jutsu Ninjutsu [ninja techniques]: 14 Genjutsu [illusion techniques]: 0 Taijutsu [martial arts techniques]: 14 Kekkei Genkai [bloodline traits]: (when awoken.)0 Chakra Reserves: 16. Speed: 13 Stamina: 15 Sealing: 11. Intelligence: 13 Senjutsu: 12 Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu. Flying Thunder God (base form) Rasengan (some forms of this. Nothing to insane however). Wind Style: Wind Bullets. Wind Style: Wind Slice. Wind Style: Wind Blade. Earth Style: Mud Wall. Summoning Jutsu's. Fire Style: Toad Oil Bombs

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    @space_cowboy okay that's fine

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    @soulless_nero死 will do. May take a bit as at work

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    @space_cowboy that's the same bio with just changed rank. We meant update it completely to fit a chunin. Along with the removal of some prodigy elements

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    Yeah, it does. | @unruly_ai

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    It helps with progress purposes

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    @unruly_ai Oh. I'll be active even if it's just a training post. |

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