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  1. Posted by crybabyavenue ,

    // @sammy no you are a beautiful wonderful mythical creature human being whatever you desire to be and you deserve all of the wonderful things in life and just know I love you. Also when is our coffee date? \\

  2. Posted by jared_padaleki ,

    Oh wait. This ones mine. 😅))

  3. Posted by jared_padaleki ,

    •-• there's even chats that are dead))

  4. Posted by crybabyavenue ,

    // also hey fam. I know I disappear and come back but I have appeared. \\

  5. Posted by crybabyavenue ,

    // I hate school { Lucifer } \\

  6. Posted by alexiss ,

    I'm dm you. I just started it)

  7. Posted by Samandriel ,

    || What part are you at? ||

  8. Posted by alexiss ,

    @samandriel Lol will do. Had to take a break because Mom duties)

  9. Posted by Samandriel ,

    @_sexy_lexi || Wise men say, only fools rush in. And do it I'll understand your pain. ||

  10. Posted by alexiss ,

    @samandriel I'm going to blow your phone for comfort 😂)

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