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    Amethyst laid in her bed, staring up at the ceiling. By now, it was a thing she always did at night. She'd stare at the walls, thinking about her family. The ones she couldn't see. All because of one demon. She sighed, turning on her side, allowing the thoughts to flow openly. @elly_winchester @phanlife @loki_@amethyst_whatsup

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    Liz sat at the end of her bed, an exam in her hands. She hadn't been to school in over three years, due to the fact that she was homeschooled, but this was one of the very first exams she had ever received. She kept it as 'merchandise' if she ever had the time to scrapbook it, but for now, the best place was her hands. @r00d @loki_@elly_winchester @amethyst_whatsup

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    Elly was in the kitchen of the bunker getting up to get the candy she keeps in the pantry, she found starburst and accidentally ate it with the paper on, making her choke

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    @elly_winchester yeah))

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    @r00d @amethyst_whatsup @phanlife are we in the bunker?))

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    @elly_winchester yee))

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    @r00d @amethyst_whatsup y'all wanna rp?)

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    @elly_winchester sorry, i forgot))

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    @elly_winchester YEAH/

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    @amethyst_whatsup NO WAY//

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