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    @darkstarnara dead?

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    awh hopefully this didnt die ;-;//

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    @darkstarnara ah okay switch it to just to low-level telekenis.//

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    @yoonsun no time manipulation @rebeljosie be more specific with powers)

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    Age: 17 Gender: female Name: rebel Ability : demon /shapeshifter Personality : rebel is shy and gentle but once angered she can be the worst enemy to have she is extremely wise and smart and isn’t afraid to stand her ground at all Appearance: flaming red hair , punk style clothing , black angel wings , a cross tattoo on her forearm and a wolf tattoo on her shoulder Meow

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    || BIO INFO || . • basics • . Name; Aria Hae Ra Age; 17 Sex; Female Sexuality; Straight ~~~~~~~~~ . • looks • . Height; 5'0 Weight; 117(under weight) Eye color; Gold with black spots (Family Gene) ~HAiR~ °Length; Down to the bottom of her bum °Color; Blonde °Hair Type; Curly Body; A bit curvy, average with slightly bigger hips || Personality || Quirky, Odd, Quiet, Nerdy, Can be rude (warning), and very clumsy. Tho she becomes the exact opposite when mad. ||Power|| Time manipulation; She can control time, but cant go back to the past, only the future. She's not too great at it, but she's working hard on it. When she gets mad, her level excels just like Yang Xiao Long, she get's stronger when she's mad. ||Likes|| Ponds, Lilli pads, Frogs, Music, Food, Snacks ||Dislikes|| Jerks, The dark, Ghosts, Working out, Anything gym-telated

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    Also sorry if the bio sucks, I've never really written onel

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    Name: Fin Winchester Age: 18 Height: 5'6 Gender: female Sexuality: pansexual Hair color: light red almost pink Eye color: blue Likes: photography, the dark, the outdoors, reading, cooking, being with one or two friends Dislikes: loud people, bright lights, crowds, closed in spaces Powers: elemental (control over all the elements) Bio: Fin was orphaned as a baby, she never knew her real parents, just the countless foster homes she was thrown into. When she turned 10 she discovered that she could control the air around her. After countless research, she started to experiment and soon after discovered she could control water, fire, and earth too. She wasn't very good at it at first and until she was 14 she figured out her powers could be unleashed without her control every time she lost control of her emotions. She has since then learned to keep her feelings in check. Keeping the one thing near her at all times, the one thing she had to keep her calm even in her darkest days, her camera. She came to join this school to learn more about her powers and to hopefully learn how to control them once and for all )

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    @yoonsun bio and pic))

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    meow, may I join as a senior?//

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