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    May I join??))

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    @cas_winchester that's me :3 XD))

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    You clever little thing @clocky_the_spoop ))

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    Well of course I need a 'password.'))

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    Read the aa, love @clocky_the_spoop

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    Mind if I join?. . .))

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    Name:Jade Tano Age:18 Likes:The color black, video games (Rated M), solitude, and violence. Dislikes: Overly peppy people, over confident people, extroverts, and interaction with humans. Species: Half Human, Half Shadow Wraith Powers:Can Amit a aura that both protects him and can sprout Tendrils of Darkness to attack his foes.. Shadow Travel:Travels through shadow to appear somewhere in the immediate area. Family: Royalty in the Realm of Shadow, his Father, King of Shadow disowned him for being "weak". Weakness:His powers drain him quickly, so his enemy would simply have to evade his attacks long enough. Easier said than done though. (Password)

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    @cas_winchester approved))

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    |BASICS| First name: Petra Middle Name: May Last Name: Parker Nickname(s): Pets, Pet Pet, PMP Age: 14 Birthdate: November 19th Place of Origin: Queens, New York Zodiac: Scorpio Birthstone: Topaz Gender: Female Pronouns: She/her Sexuality: Bisexual (leans towards girls) Status: Single Species: Mutated Human Ethnicity: Caucasian Nationality: America |APPEARANCE| Hair Color: Red Hair Type: Wavy Hair Length: Chest Eye Color: Brown Skin Color: Pale Blemishes: Freckles Height: 5'7" Weight: 125 lbs Body Type: Lean Tattoos/Piercings/Etc: Ears pierced |PERSONALITY| Traits: • Athletic • Fiery • Protective • Intelligent • Witty • Scatter brained at times Likes: • Martial Arts • Puns • Her friends • Reading • Engineering Dislikes: • Criminals • Alcohol • Drugs • Being Abandoned • Being teased Pet Peeve: Seeing people kill something where they could easily just leave it alone or move it someplace else. |FAVORITES| Band: Panic! At The Disco Song: "Blaze of Glory" - Bon Jovi Animal: Wolf Food: New York Pizza Subject: Science Book: A Wrinkle in Time Video Game: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time |ABILITIES| Spider Sense: A sixth sense that warns her about anything dangerous that might happen. Heightened Agility: Can move fast and do extreme gymnastics Heightened Flexibility: Self-explanatory Sticking: Can climb anything using small hairs that protrude from her fingers.

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