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  1. Posted by nanananananananna ,

    @ravenwood @eli @_killua_zoldyck_ Who thinks that this deserves a remake?

  2. Posted by archer_elec K,


  3. Posted by archer_elec K,

    Well if you guys need a place to rp then join my friend rp. @_killua_zoldyck_ @darkamour @ravenwood just Dm Kitsune_senpai

  4. Posted by shu_zoldyck ,

    @darkamour ah man. that sucks...))

  5. Posted by nanananananananna ,

    @aston_hewlet That sucks...it was a good rp to. It's just that@darkstarnara quit))

  6. Posted by shu_zoldyck ,

    @darkamour awwww. i was on holidays, so i had no internet ;-;))

  7. Posted by nanananananananna ,

    @aston_hewlet Yeah unfortunately

  8. Posted by shu_zoldyck ,

    wait this died? ;-;))

  9. Posted by shu_zoldyck ,

    i have retuuuuuuuurrrrned))

  10. Posted by nanananananananna ,

    @ravenwood Ikr

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