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    Assassin armor

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    >INFORMATION< Name : Mythic S/O : straight Age : 17 DOB : September 18th Zodiac : Virgo Birthstone : Sapphire Race : vampire/demon Powers : morph into demon forms Accent : British Language : english and German to an extent Occupation : assassin >APPEARANCE< Height : 6'3 Weight : 184 Body type : average Eyes : gold Hair : light brown >PERSONALITY< -funny when he wants to be -usually a loner -doesn't like taking orders from people -protective -always keeping himself busy -keeps to himself most of the time Vampire immunities : immune to fire (because he's part demon) Likes : blades, guns, and fire Dislikes : cowards, having his trust betrayed, being used >Background< Mythic's parents were cruel and abused mythic from a young age causing him to run away from home to get away from them. But he was caught by the police and was taken to the station where they called his parents and they took him back home to teach him a lesson. Eventually mythic got angry enough that he had morphed into his demon form and killed his parents and banishing their souls to hell. After a while he went into foster home and was taken in by a good family and sent to this school.

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    Name : Khai or Mr. K Occupation: Art Teacher Age: Ancient Gender: Male Species: Demon King Persona: Calm and blunt. Pushes others to be the best they can be

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    Ok I'm finna make a bio

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    Then you'll get added.

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    Bio please

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    Oh thank you

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    Name: Jacob Cosmo (Mr. Cosmo) Age: 27 Gender: Male Species: Human with void mage powers Occupation: teacher Persona: very kind and laid back, tries to be funny but fails miserably

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