260 Messages  |  11 PEOPLESupernatural High School RP everyone is welcome just have a bio and pic ready 😊 yes dating is aloud

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    Name: sam burt Age: 17 From: born in german but raised in LA Likes:party         Dance         Alone time 😜         Sleeping         Food!         Animals         Purple         Romance Dislikes: homework              Fuckboys              Haters              Other facts: crazy about sex and loves hanging with friends. Sam can see into the future and tell people hoe they will die.

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    @Alita_wolf77 Ok I'll get my bio and pic done soon

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    @trashikov yes)

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    Omg can I join ||

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    @brooktheodd @iimemphismagik @xxmarshell_leexx @deathkiller123 @emily_rivers you guys are in

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    Name: Emily Rivers Age: 15 Race: Human Gender: Female Powers: Celestial Magic Likes: Reading, Listing to music with occasional singing, Drawing. Dislikes: Bullies and mean people. Personality: Nice, Shy, brave at times

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