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    Name: Mimic. Powers: can touch any material and body becomes that material. Backstory: was a normal guy who was gonna go jump off of his building the night of the mist. He watched the mist hit and he was pushed off balance, pushing off of the ledge. He plummeted towards the ground and landed hard. Somehow he lived and walked away from it, pieces of brick broke off of his skin and onto the ground without him knowing. Side: villain

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    Name: Jason Age: 23 Gender: Male Height: 5'11 Power: Geokenesis Abilities: Can move earth minerals at will. Can use the earths magnetic field from its metal core. (Think magneto from x-men) Can create/form into earth gems and other minerals. Example turning body into jagged topaz formations or quartzs. Background: Jason is Hero known as Topaz for his love of that gem and using it when fighting. He has the abilitity to control stone so what some would call an earth bending. Outside of hero work he now has grown a newfound love for geology and is a geologist in training to become a geological professor.

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