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    ((sorry to just jump in like this. But, I have an Arrow rp group and we're on a hunt for more people. If you want to be in it, dm me or check out my page. Ocs are welcome.))

  2. Posted by dcgirl3 ,

    (My rp is the daughter of catwoman and Batman and is an oc named Krystal.)

  3. Posted by dcgirl3 ,

    (Can I join?)

  4. Posted by eyepatches ,

    (I rp as Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke. Looking for a lit rp group

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  7. Posted by monstrousprince ,

    May I join with my OC?? She can be a villain or hero, whatever you need!

  8. Posted by aurorababes ,

    can i join

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