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  2. Posted by midnightninja12 ,

    Can I still Join

  3. Posted by xena_grey ,

    Is it too late to join?))

  4. Posted by bokyaku_deagon ,

    All of these good chats, murdered by time. @numbsiren

  5. Posted by numbsiren ,

    Are you still accepting heroes?

  6. Posted by poison_x_ivy ,

    Hey new meta just joined, the names power pack and I have the ability to adopt somebody’s power through touch

  7. Posted by blake2117 bigmike2117_gam30v3r,

    Hey you guys looking to do a arrow-style rp? Each is they’re own hero/ villain just nothing too op. Haha

  8. Posted by scarlethairedspeedster ,

    @The_nightwing I'm sorry I was busy. And start if you want to. :) ))

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  10. Posted by saralex ,

    @Scarlethairedspeedster when cab we start?))

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