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    Hey new meta just joined, the names power pack and I have the ability to adopt somebody’s power through touch

  2. Posted by Blake2117 bigmike2117_gam30v3r,

    Hey you guys looking to do a arrow-style rp? Each is they’re own hero/ villain just nothing too op. Haha

  3. Posted by scarlethairedspeedster ,

    @The_nightwing I'm sorry I was busy. And start if you want to. :) ))

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  5. Posted by the_nightwing ,

    @Scarlethairedspeedster when cab we start?))

  6. Posted by queequee ,

    Here's her FC (not drawn her)

  7. Posted by hulkpain ,

    Name Jason Wayne Age 17 Son of batman and talia ahguhl Back story he was trained by the league of shadows from the age of 5 he is very dangerous and he can kill you with his bare hands Sexuality straight Appearance blonde hair and a blonde goatee Powers knows all fighting styles known to man

  8. Posted by queequee ,

    ((Basic stuff only, won't go too into it)) Full Name: Ryan James Wilson N.Name: Ry Age: 16 Gender: Female Sex: Female Sexuality: Straight (she thinks) Species: Human?? Powers: all she can do it extremely good h-t-h combat, marital arts, and liked to kill people lol. She's also still learning to control her powers Personality: Bad temper, usually happy, hot-headed, friendly Looks: it's pictured Outfit: bigger image Suit: smaller image Backstory: Jumped from foster home to foster home because of her ability. Wade found her while searching for a 'sidekick' and decided she was cute and reminded him of himself so he adopted her. (Lazy lol)

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    @scarlethairedspeedster thanks! Give me a moment))

  10. Posted by scarlethairedspeedster ,

    @Queequee absolutely.))

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