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    @skittykitty I snap put of it and look forward at the store seemingly the explosion got my focus

  3. Posted by skittykitty ,

    I hide in master lair

  4. Posted by skittykitty ,

    A huge explosion goes off near the store we had and I ran as everyone's attention is on the store

  5. Posted by cherry_114 ,

    @skittykitty all I could do was wait but as you rummage through my head it would be hard to get into roses mind as it was separated from lillys

  6. Posted by skittykitty ,

    @cherry_114 Read Lily minds

  7. Posted by cherry_114 ,

    @skittykitty Lilly got back through not knowing what happened but soon met by you hipmitizing me

  8. Posted by skittykitty ,

    I giggled again to hypotize you

  9. Posted by cherry_114 ,

    @skittykitty I start to laugh again as I watch you lilly now fighting to get back

  10. Posted by skittykitty ,

    Dodge the lightning

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