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    @the_narrator @thespacemarine it's ok))

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    ((Sorry school's been hitting me with the responsibility stick.))@thespacemarine @줄리엣

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    @the_narrator You going to post?

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    @thespacemarine good))

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    @줄리엣 Doing well, you?))

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    @thespacemarine lol how are you?))

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    @줄리엣 Guten Morgen.))

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    @the_narrator @thespacemarine @generalz good morning))

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    @the_narrator X keep her face in the dark as she put her hunting mask on. She stood up and faced them. X tried to see if they were Jedi or not, so she decided to play it safe. She saw that the Padawan had a light saber so she knew that she had an advantage over the student mostly because of her knowledge of light saber. To most people she is known as 'Fix' mostly because she could make and fix anything someone give her.

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