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    @yeather_the_yonder I'm on but it's probs to late ))

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    ( willing to change or add things Name: Nevlith Race: Human Class: Merchant Level: 1 Weapons: Force Sensitive: no Abilities: high charisma ( also sorry had to finish up my D&D campaign.

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    Hello anyone on ?? @ifbatmanwereajedi @commander_holly

  4. Posted by crazy1015 ,

    @commander_holly how you holding up?))

  5. Posted by ifbatmanwereajedi_49 ,

    ((Sweet! I’m so excited!! @yeather_the_yonder

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  7. Posted by crazy1015 ,

    @ifbatmanwereajedi great! And yes we are starting at level 1

  8. Posted by ifbatmanwereajedi_49 ,

    ((Hi! Does this work? Name: Alera Divru Race: Togruta Class: Pilot Level: 1 (are we all starting from 1?) Weapons: Blaster pistol Force Sensitive: No Abilities: Vehicle and blaster proficiency. Above average physical capabilities

  9. Posted by tsumiki_miniwa ,

    @yeather_the_yonder //sorry this will take a moment hopefully more join

  10. Posted by crazy1015 ,


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