5 Messages  |  3 PEOPLE☆Soul Eater RP Partner Needed☆ ♡MUST BE OC FRIENDLY AND OK WITH ROMANCE♡

  1. Posted by animeangel2020 ,

    Dm me

  2. Posted by soul_eater_lover_8888 ,

    @Animeangel sure why not

  3. Posted by animeangel2020 ,

    @alextheraptor kk dm me

  4. Posted by alextheraptor ,

    @animeangel2020 ill be soul!

  5. Posted by animeangel2020 ,

    Hello and welcomd to my chat. Please do not dm me if you want to play an oc, i will not rp oc x oc. You MUST play a male cannon charactor as this is a romance rp!

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